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    belaid38  zbigzbig20 new devel version for you to try here.

    Some important notes before flashing for you guys and some others.

    The kernel in this dev image has been changed from kszaq/8.2 to official LE/9.0 pre-alpha, this is a big change and something I have held off from changing to for a couple of reasons which are listed below.

    Maybe you do not pass this time my posting ;)

    Did the update from 8.90.4 (installed on sdcard) to this devel build and... everything runs stable on my side and works the same way it did with 8.90.4. Could be a placebo but ui feels snappier.


    Just a friendly note, before you possibly burn out by answering nearly every question here three times and compiling and contributing etc. at the same time. The community here is really happy to have you + kszaq + afl1 here supporting this hardware (+everybody else I temporarily don't remember). I don't know maybe sometimes you feel obliged to answer everyone here, but you don't have to. If the need is big enough people will begin searching, if they don't they learn not using pre alpha software the hard way, that's it. Maybe you think about again about not locking this thread, leave it open for talk like now and create another just for collecting faq-like postings from advanced users. My english is not so good, this text is to be understood with high respect and is referring to this :)

    Is netflix using inputstream adaptive? If yes, then this could only be a placebo since these buffersettings are technically ignored by inputstream adative. At that moment there is only a 8 seconds hardcoded buffer.

    EDIT: FWIW, I've found that so far, my S905W and S912 boxes are both incapable of streaming Netflix or Amazon VOD reliably. 1080p is definitely a no-go. 720p is barely watchable - jittery frames, audio in and out of sync, etc.

    Let's say S905 is just too weak for 1080p widevine software decoding, but 720p jittery frames and audio problems are just bugs. The same movie with such troubles after a reboot and toggled amazon VOD 'DRM check' on and off is suddenly playing very well. Just a little bit of luck is needed.

    You are the only person who has had an issue, if you was not using a 1 year old dtb then your dtb would have updated and you would not have had an issue.

    All Amlogic boxes I have used have booted from USB.

    You are right, I am the only person who is reporting this.

    Don't misunderstand me, since it's hard to ignore that you are very professional in what you're doing, the 'teacher' thing was refered to hints like 'it's pre alpha' and 'make backups' from other persons. I love your work! Be my teacher ;)

    Well, if I am allowed to quote kszaq 'Note: only 1 USB port is able to boot the box. You have to try them all. Some boxes are unable to boot from USB drive.' The last sentence is my experience with several amlogic boxes too.

    I know that these are pre alpha builds, what's your point then?

    I know also that backups are good -> I always do it and therefore nothing is 'lost'

    Usb stick a bad advice since most of amlogic boxes don't even boot from usb. Please don't be my teacher, I just tell the community what happens and there is a change in dtb which causes trouble which don't exist till 8.90.4, that's all, peace.

    The FAQ is written for my community builds, I am unable to track changes other developers make in their builds.

    "nand" device tree was designed for devices with NAND chip in meaning "not eMMC" and you should only use it if internal memory of your box is not detected. This is actually covered in FAQ.

    Okay thx :) nontheless the 'not eMMC dtb' (which is true for beelink) always worked till 8.90.4.

    You should try NOT using the -nand version of the device tree file. The Beelink box you have does not need the nand version just use the straight forward gxl_p212_2G.dtb file instead. I have the same box and it works perfectly withthe non nand DTB file on LE 8.2. that is. Not tried on LE9 yet on the Beelink as only used my TX7 box for testing these Alpha LE9 releases, but clearly the -nand version is incorrect for this box.

    Okay thanks, anyway 'nand' dtb was designed to use for internal install location, I thought...

    And it always works the last 20 updates or so, so I don't think it was incorrect at all.

    I probably had an old dtb installed (since link in OP was outdated as kszaq pointed out) and now the new one was .... 'too new'

    I am glad that I use now a sdcard and everything is back in order. But I highly suggest kszaq to even remove the 'internal installation method' from faq since with LE9 it won't be supported anyway.

    DTB is updated with most releases, if your running an old DTB it won't have updated because it will be missing the identity string and then that's obviously what has caused your issue. You should never install to internal on NAND devices anyway.

    This means we don't only have to use the latest dtb when we update - we can only update if there is already the recent dtb version (corresponding to 'old' install) installed?