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    I updated my M8S+ (S905x) device with the 8.2.5 release.

    I have a problem with some mkv files. For instance, here you can find a 30sec sample.

    I tried with older version of LibreElec (an old adamg 1.0.6 release) and also the latest CoreElec. All have the same problem: video stuttering and audio out of sync.

    The file is reproduced perfectly with Kodi (X86), VLC and other desktop player.

    Any help?

    Thank you.


    I have a couple of questions (I'm using the master branch "b12053a"):

    1) What happened to the ssh service?

    It doesn't work anymore. Under settings->service->ssh there is only the "Disable ssh password" option.

    I use ssh to upload the release.

    2) IPtv addon is not longer available in the repositories and by installing through the zip file, after 1:15min it hangs and it stops to work

    Thank you.


    I guess nothing special in there. I can send you the guisettings.xml also.

    Hi mime,

    thanks for the pictures.

    We are using the same audio settings! At this point, I don't know what is happening with my boxes.
    I mean, today I copied the file to the internal memory, but the results are the same, when the file is "reproduced", the CPU loads go crazy and the audio is on and off (attached there is the picture, sorry it's fuzzy).

    Am I the only one with this problem :| ?

    Avok78 Please provide sample files that do not work on your box.

    Hi all,

    thanks for your help.

    Here you could please find some dsf files (royalty free :)) that I have successfully tested on Kodi X86 version (on Ubuntu and on LibreElec X86 version):

    In particular these are the files that I used:

    1) DSF - DSD64 (2Ch)

    2) DSF - DSD64 (5.1Ch)

    I tested on a Mecool MS8 pro+ (S950x) with LibreElec 8.1.8 installed on memory and the files are loaded from the USB drive.

    I discovered that the dsf/dff 2Ch versions are reproduced well.

    Instead, for the 5.1Ch version, the files are reproduced very bad (scattering, on-off, very noisy).

    Also, I have noticed that when the files are reproduced the CPU3 reaches 100%, the CPU2 reaches ~80%, CPU0: ~5% and CPU1: ~20%.

    At this point, I believe that it's a CPU problem that is not powerful enough to reproduce those file types.

    Anyway, in the kodi setting I tried to put the Resample option to Low-Medium or High but I had the same results.



    I am a noob and am ordering the Mecool M8S Pro Plus, I would like to run it with LibreElec, but the instructions to do so seem very daunting to me. Can a Noob do it by following step by step instructions or will I be in over my head?

    1) Download the image file

    2) Download the device tree file

    3) Download the LibreElec USB-SD creator

    4) Plugin the SD or USB flash drive in your computer

    5) Run the LibreElec USB-SD creator (step #3):

    - a) select the image file (step #1)

    - b) select the path of the SD or USB flash drive plugged in (step #4)

    - c) click write image

    - d) at the end of the process the USB/SD card will be recognized by your operating system and you will be able to navigate into the USB/SD drive

    6) Rename the device tree file (step #2) in dtb.img

    7) Navigate into the USB/SD folders (step #5-d) and overwrite the dtb.img file with the file renamed in the step #6

    8.) Unplug the SD/USB drive from your computer

    9) If you are using the USB flash drive, plug in on the first USB port from the top of your Mecool device

    10) Unplug the Mecool box's power supply cord

    11) In the front of your Mecool box you will see a tiny push button. With a toothpick push it and keep it pushed.

    12) Reconnect the power supply

    13) After ~30sec the LibreElec logo will be displayed on your TV. Release the push button (step #11)

    Every time that the USB/SD card (created with this procedure) is plugged in your box, LibreElec will run automatically (you don't need to push the button again).

    To run your android system, just unplug the USB/SD card from your box.

    If you want to install permanently LibreElec in your box, follow the guide


    I have a problem reproducing the dfs and dff files (no sound) on Mecool M8S pro+ (Arm S905x) with Libreelec installed on the internal memory.

    The same files are correctly reproduced on the X86 Kodi version.

    This is the log (I have hidden some parts):


    I'd like to ask the developers if it would be possible to make the .dff .dfs files (SACD) reproduction work on the s905x devices.

    On Kodi that runs on x86 those files work perfectly.

    Any chance? :)

    Also, any chance to do not see the dithering (24bit-->16bit) on the Hi-Res Flac audio files?

    Thanks a lot.

    Hi Demetris,

    thanks for the image.

    Under the "Audio output device" section, the ALSA HDMI output device is no longer available.

    Only these two devices are available:

    - ALSA: default (AML M8Audio Analog): PCM (in the previous image, this device was labelled without the PCM)

    - PULSE: default (Bluetooth Audio)

    By selecting the 1st device listed above, no audio is reproduced at all. Pass-trough is not available.

    I didn't test the Bluetooth Audio.


    Hi all,

    If anyone else is interested in trying the M8S+ 8.2 RC3 build, I made the image that you can download from here (I suggest to install it first on an SD card, test it for awhile and install permanently on the NAND):


    Note: the WiFi card is not supported (only the Ethernet port).

    I'm using it and it works so far. The pass-trough is available for every HD sources but there is a problem with the HD-MA sources: a noise is reproduced.


    Hi all and hi Demetris!

    I have a M8S-PLUS and i'd like to know what's the right image for it, because I can't find support or filename rom for it anymore!

    Thanks in advance for the reply!

    Hi Demetris,

    I'd also like to know which image should I use for the M8S+ box.

    Personally I'm not interested in the wifi since I use the Ethernet port.

    Any chance to see the .dfs/.dff files working on this release?



    I'm using the LibreELEC-S8X2.M8S-PLUS.arm-8.0.2 image and I noticed that the DSD (.dsf) files do not work properly.

    When the AUDIO passthrough is set to ON (only the AC3 and DTS options are available): no signal is transferred to the AVR (so, no sound is reproduced).

    When the AUDIO passthrough is set to OFF: the sound is reproduced intermittently.

    I tried to change the sample rate (from 44.1kHz up to the maximum), same problem.

    Please note that the .dsf files are stored in the M8S+ NAND.

    I don't have any problem with this type of audio files with the LibreElec X86 version.

    Any help? Any suggestion?