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    I tried all the solutions in that thread but none of them seem to work, it keeps assigning a new MAC address. I find it strange that spoofing the MAC like the examples in the thread have no effect.
    @kszaq can you take a look at this problem? If I need to provide anymore log files etc. just ask me and I will provide ASAP.

    1. LibreELEC:~ # dmesg | grep RTL871
    2. [   [email protected]] RTL871X: module init start
    3. [   [email protected]] RTL871X: rtl8189es v4.3.18.2_17395.20160422
    4. [   [email protected]] RTL871X: ERROR invalid mac addr:00:00:00:00:00:00, assign random MAC
    5. [   [email protected]] RTL871X: rtw_ndev_init(wlan0) if1 mac_addr=00:e0:4c:62:6f:6c
    6. [   [email protected]] RTL871X: module init ret=0
    7. LibreELEC:~ #

    There is no network folder in /etc and I can't create one because it tells me the filesystem is read only.

    Install a terminal emulator on android, and type "reboot update" without the quotes ofcourse. If that doesn't do the trick make sure your USB is inserted in USB-1 of USB-4 and that your USB is bootable.

    Is anyone else having problems with networking?

    I mean when I connect wirelessly it works fine until I reboot, when I reboot the network is forgotten.
    I also noticed when using LAN I get a new IP-address assigned on every reboot, seems that LibreELEC isn't saving or loading my network settings? Can I solve this somehow? I'm using a OTT MXQ PRO 4K (Amlogic S905).


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