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    I m not sure about rpi3 now after the previous s definittly working with pi 2

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    I got mixed up. The two Pi's I've been testing this on are both 2b's. I own a 3b but it has not been a part of my testing and troubleshooting of this issue. Apologies for any confusion.

    I think my CEC issue may just be a slightly different CEC bug from what you many of you have experienced. A different CEC bug altogether introduced in LibreElec 8/Kodi 17 that is specific to my LG TV in the living room.

    Does the pi wake up with an android remote apk like Kore

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    I haven't tried that but it does wake up with a wireless keyboard. If I wake up Kodi with the wireless keyboard though, CEC still doesn't reinitialize and requires me to swap HDMI or reboot to get the remote working.

    My TV remote worked fine with CEC and waking Kodi up until the latest major release of LibreElec/Kodi.

    Bummer. I updated two of my Pi's to this "Bob Edition" and both of them still exhibit this issue where CEC appears to be unresponsive after Kodi has gone to sleep when connected to my Vizio TV in our living room. Doesn't happen on any other TVs in the house. Some people have reported being able to restore CEC functionality by switch to their cable box or other inputs and then back to the Pi's HDMI input on the TV but that also doesn't work for me. I have to either move the Pi to a different HDMI port on the TV or reboot the Pi to restore CEC functionality and therefore wake Kodi up.

    Try switching from hdmi to livetv and back. This works for me.

    My issue must be slightly different as switching inputs to even other CEC functional devices doesn't resolve the issue with the Pi. I have to most the hdmi cable to a different port for it to start working or reboot the Pi.

    **UPDATE** Found the link....missed it on my first pass through: Mobile File

    Where is the link for this update?

    I'm running the latest Libreelec (8.0.1 I think?) on multiple RPi3's and this only occurs on one of my TV no matter which Pi is connected to that TV. I have to either reboot the Pi or switch the physical HDMI port the Pi is connected to resolve the issue after turning my TV back on.

    **UPDATE** Going to test this fix asap. thread-7114-page-3.html

    Ever since the latest major Libreelec/Kodi up, ate one of my 3 TVs appears to have an issue with CEC and it never had this issue before. I even tried moving one of my other Pi's from a different room in the house and that one which was not having the issue connected to the other TV exhibited the same issue. I thought it was a problem with my TV itself.

    My issue may be slightly different from what others here are running into. If I turn my TV off, sometimes when I turn it back on CEC has some kind of issue reinitializing after I turn my TV back on. I've found restarting the Pi fixes this and more recently found that if I just move the HDMI cable to another port it fixes the issue as well. It's pretty bizarre.