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    Hi, my god, that so difficult to run this addon loooooooooooooool

    I don't understand anything of what happenned on my system...

    Here my config :

    -> Raspberry pi 2

    -> Blutooth dongle

    -> Madcatz CTRL

    -> Libreelec 8.2.1 so latest version

    -> Fresh install of retroarch (version 1.6.9 installed with the addon v8.169.6 )

    So the story :

    -> After create a udev file in .confg/udev.rules with :

    SUBSYSTEM=="input", ATTRS{name}=="GEN GAME", KERNEL=="event*", 

    gamepad is detected very well and configured in Kodi (Every button works)

    -> I launch Retroarch : it start and, after a few second only (maybe 10), crash and the rpi restart to kodi (a reboot from the beginning)

    -> I have downloaded the libretro package Lakka (as you mentionned on github) but, still rebooted

    Do you have any idea of what happened ?

    Retroarch.log : nothing here

    Retroarch_debug : see attachment but, I don't see anything strange


    I pushed few addons here. Don't have time to test (feedback welcome).
    All packages are still on old versions and should be bumped (maybe one day).

    ripp2003, the problem is that addons must be recompiled from time to time.

    I quickly checked Generic version and seems to be working as before.

    :cool: Thank you very much, It seems to work very well : got to make some test but I can access phpmyadmin right now ;-)

    Great job man for RPI2 version

    Hi, got same problem after upgrading to Krypton official.
    When I disable libphp5, phpmyadmin does not work anymore (*.php are not read by server) but httpd can start... but useless because here, we want phpmyadmin

    libphp5 is in lib folder with installation permission, so I really don't understand what happenned.

    If anybody got the solution because manage my sql server in cli is so..... I don't have any word loooool


    Hi thank you for this wonderfull addon ;-)

    Work very well for me (I use psx and snex emulator).

    Got just one problem but, I don't think it's your addon.

    I have a mini wireless bluetooth (thrusmaster) pad (with a special bluetooth key, only compatible with my pad, auto pair) wich works very well.
    -> this one is not detected in libreelec but detected in your addon.

    I try to add my madcatz C.T.R.L with another bluetooth dongle .
    -> this one is deteced and paired in Libreelec but not detected by any frontend or emulators.... really don't know why....

    If you have any idea ?



    * with a fresh install of OpenELEC 6.95.3 so KODI 16 :
    -> No problem
    Here, debug log : ELVd

    * with a fresh install of Libreelec 8 Alpha so KODI 17 :
    -> No problem
    Here, debug log : HOAY

    Juste to make sure
    * with a fresh install of libreelec 7.1.1 so KODI 16 :
    -> NO problem..............................

    So I 'm rebuilding my mediacenter...upgrading from openelec to libreelec wasn't a good idea. Fresh install are finally better.
    I will reinstall my plugins and see what happen.


    Here, my log in pastebinit and debug on log


    And info about the media problem in PJ

    In case of doubt, always provide debug enabled log files:

    Sorry for this noob's oversigh will provide it in a few hour...
    Et voilà :

    After starting an Xvid file, my problem appear
    I can see that framerate is adjusted 10 seconds after lauching the avi file and then screen appear like the photo I've provided


    I've got a problem since I 've moved from Openelec 6.0.3 to Librelec 7.0.1 (updated version) on my rpi2.

    On some xvid media (not all),the framerate is not set at the beginning but 5 or 10 second later...

    Stream starts, plays for a couple of seconds and then switches the TV to the target refresh rate.

    When Kodi doing this, I got a little rectangular screen with a part of the movie and the rest is black...

    I have to display the play menu and then everything is ok.

    This problem not appear when "Switch framerate" is OFF.

    If anyone got idea ?