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    Could anyone advise which tvheadend version and which drivers work correctly with Wetek Play 2 DVB-S2 version?

    To answer my own question - this build of tvheadend:

    Internal DVB-C/S adapter issues (S912 KIII Pro) · Issue #12 · CoreELEC/CoreELEC · GitHub

    and crazycat drivers seem to work ok on latest release.

    No version of tvh detects the internal DVB-S2 card using internal drivers, crazycat didn't work correctly using repo tvh, but works ok using the one linked above.

    Tredman, thanks for the reply but that is exactly where my system broke from the step by step. The screens you have shown do appear and I can select ATSC after that, nothing seemed to follow what steps I had seen on the web. I was never able to select the MUXs.

    I may just surrender and go with a Channel Master unit to do the recording.

    4.2 is not very well documented (as is tvheadend in general tbf), but the wizard on first run usually guides you through adding a network and then pre-populating the MUX. If this doesn't work I would recommend asking on the tvheadend forums.

    Yes I did try 4.2 but was never able to assign the tuner to the network and so many screens/tabs were so different from the various instructions I found on the web I gave up and switched to 4.0. As I recall, there was no listing of MUXes in the drop down box to select the North America center frequencies.

    If there is a good step by step set of instructions that actually match 4.2 I'd be happy to try it again.

    On assigning the tuner - first you need to choose network type for the hdhomerun from here:

    Once you have done that you can then add the network to each individual tuner.

    Fwiw in general I have found RPi not great with tvheadend - my Chromebox works well, as does my weak ass DS213j synology NAS

    Yeah, it works fine with Krypton builds - I've tried using Milhouse's 17 builds and it works well.

    Just wondered if it might be back ported to LE 7, as it was for OE 6.

    Really happy to discover libreelec today, I've always felt a bit at sea with OE upgrades.

    I have a question on the generic builds available, I'm currently running the OE 6.198 EGL builds on my chromebox. This is slightly annoying as its Isengard based so out of sync with my SQL db, but I need the EGL deinterlacing for live tv.

    Do the generic builds posted in the download section include Fritsch's EGL work? And if not is there plans to bring this to LE 7 Jarvis?

    Keep up the good work!