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    Build RR-20190912-8a7c8af | uploaded for Generic & RPi2/3 | Index of /nightly/

    • updated to latest LE 9.80
    • updated Generic & RPi Linux kernel to 5.2.13
    • updated mesa to 19.2.0-rc3
    • updated Retroarch to 1.7.8 (v3)
    • added bsnes HD core for Generic builds
    • dropped mupen64plus-libretro -> replaced by mupen64plus-nx
    • dropped fsuae-libretro -> use libretro-uae or FS-UAE
    • updated several libretro-cores
    • updated ppsspp v1.9.0-dev for all platforms
    • updated citra & dolphin

    Same permission issue as the previous nightlies uploads.... fix it to let us download it, thank you

    I think you have to play with xorg.conf file as already mentioned in the main posts of the distro or in some posts of the thread if I remember right. Try to make a search of xorg in this thread.

    Launch retroarch and configure the controller mapping first (that's the case for n64 emulator). If you use other emulators than retroarch cores (ex. Dolphin), you have to configure the controllers in the standalone emulator.

    You can find configuration guides for every emulator in the respective website.

    Well... there is a whole section with changelogs & links to the builds of the past LibreELEC-RR 9.x [ Emulationstation | Retroarch | Pegasus | DolphinQT | Moonlight | Chrome | Spotify ] and surprise surprise Index of /nightly/ which I posted about 4-5 posts before you asked the first time. ;)

    I have no RPi4 so I can't really build & test images for one. Also the support is actually right WIP since it uses a VideoCore VI with mesa3d. It will take some time until libretro cores have been updated & stop using old vendor blob stuff.

    I guess I add this to the FAQ then. The problem is if you boot games without you can't select the language or else but still a bit strange that it fails to run for you while it works flawless here /shrug

    I don't understand if "testing" and/or "nightly" repos could be used as continuation of "stable" one (in this case, I don't understand the meaning of the new branches), or if it's better we wait for a future stable release. Thank you.

    It could be the shading effect of kodi interface (maybe not correctly managed by the video driver). Try to disable it in the screensaver configuration and check if it freezes. You can even try to access the config menu while playing movie to check if it's the shading effect.

    Ye the command didnt change the volume of my hdmi audio output. However it was worth a try, thank you

    I think you can find the right command to obtain it. 5schatten, for example, wrote a different command... if changing the master volume doesn't affect your HDMI output volume, maybe you can specify another channel to change the volume. If you're using alsa I think there must be a way to control the HDMI output with alsamixer.

    Try to change the different channels volume in alsamixer through ssh while playing something to find out which channel affects your HDMI output, and finally change the channel name in the amixer command.

    I can't try what you're experiencing cause my nuc has not HDMI out (only DVI), so I have to use analog or spdif (digital optical output).

    In the past I used alsa as audio backend because I didnt manage to run pulseaudio. Now I gave it another try because this volume difference between dolphin and the rest annoys me too and just noticed that everything I had to do was unchecking "Use module-udev-detect to autodetect PulseAudio device". So the sound is working now and also decreasing the volume in the rr config tool works fine.

    However only with Emulationstation 5schatten you maybe remember that Im using a different script in Rom Collection Browser and I dont get it working with pulse. Currently I have no sound in dolphin if I start it via RCB. Can you please take a look and tell me what I have to change? Is it even possible to use pulse on this setup because I dont freeze kodi and I use alsa in kodi?

    I just tried to change =alsa to =pulseaudio but that doesnt work.

    You could try to insert "amixer set Master 25% unmute" at some point of the script that launches the game... But I don't know if there's a "close script" where you can insert the same code to roll back alsa master volume to 100%.

    Hope this gives you the start point for your solution.

    ALSA is basically useless & only needed for some special snowflake software like PCSX2. My TV uses HDMI and changing the ALSA Master volume does not even effect the audio output so it does not make sense to add any functions for this backend while PA normally works fine & is mandatory for video previews for example.

    Sure. I agree to select pulseaudio as backend. So, maybe the code is not working for all the folks using analog outputs.

    I would select pulse audio in kodi too, but it's not selectable for me :-( I only have bluetooth audio output for pulseaudio section in kodi audio devices.

    with kodifreeze the volume drop to 44% and stays there after unfreeze (pulseaudio as backend). With alsa backend it stays always at 100% (that's the reason why we use pulse as backend: the emulators volume is too high)

    Another way could be to provide a volume selector for alsa backend in rr config, as you developed for pulse backend. In this way with both backends everyone can set a backend volume.

    Thank you again

    Yes, both worked fine.

    Thank you