Posts by robmcc83 works for me on rpi2

    Did you add the missing libass files at some point?

    I have recently fresh installed le 9.1.501 on both my pi 3 and generic pc.

    After installing both retroarch and emulationstation from the game starter repo both of them black screen and return to kodi.

    This is the case for both pi3 and generic.

    Solving retroarch I updated to bite_your_idols latest retroarch beta which worked.

    As for emulationstation had to change locale for that to work.

    Unfortunately though due to several issues with libreelec and no response on the forum, I've decided to put windows 10 onto the generic pc and install kodi that way and so far haven't seen any problems.

    The pi3 I've just decided to downgrade to 9.0.2 le as that gives me no problems with the game starter repo at all.

    Retroarch is also not supported on 9.1.501 yet from the repo on any device.

    You have the install the latest beta from the game starter thread under the add ons section of this forum.

    I had to do this on both generic and pi3 for le 9.1.501

    Hope this helps


    I can confirm that this beta works on generic and Rpi 3.


    If you can get to a windows computer you could try downloading western digital utilities.

    This allows you to change the sleep time for the drive.

    I assume it's built into the firmware on some western digital external drives.

    I have 2 Western digital my passport's

    Both came with a default 30mins spin down time.

    I changed them both to 10mins spin down time with the WD Utilities program.

    Hope this helps

    Hi all.

    Im using a raspberry pi3 in one of my bedrooms.

    Im using the kodi remote app on android to control this device.

    The only problem is that my WiFi signal is weak in that room and my phone constantly changes from being on WiFi and being on my mobile data.

    I thought not a problem I'll use the built in libreelec ap to extend the wifi network in that room as the pi is plugged in via ethernet over home plug.

    Problem is that it creates a hot spot not problem, I can connect to the hot-spot no problem. But when I connect it tells me there is no Internet connection, even though it says I have full signal there is a explanation mark on the WiFi signal.

    Anybody no what this could be? I'm using latest stable 9.0.2


    So does that mean there will be no more emulationstation in your repo?



    So I have ironed out most issues now by trying different settings and different versions and builds of libreelec etc.

    There is just one problem left, and surely somebody on here has to know if I can rectify this problem.

    Wake on lan is working perfectly as it should except 1 small issue.

    My main pc which is connected to my living room TV has all the media files on that I Share to several bedrooms to raspberry pis.

    If my main pc is a sleep a raspberry pi will wake the main pc upon playing a video file.

    I have the main pc set to sleep after 30 mins.

    Even though I'm watching a TV show for example on my raspberry pi the main pc will go to sleep after 30mins regardless.

    So the question is, is there a way to prevent this from happening. Surely there is a way to prevent the main pc from sleeping when sharing media via samba.

    This can be achieved in Windows quite easily so I'm sure I'm just missing something from within libreelec.


    As above a few post emulationstation is also not working for me on le9. 1.501 generic.

    Both retroarch and emulationstation booted me back to kodi on launch.

    Updating retroarch to 9.178.15 fixed the retroarch issue but emulationstation does not launch, just boots back straight to kodi.