Posts by karcyon isn't installing the inputstream.mpd add-on, it's only installing the libwidevine library which is needed by the inputstream.mpd add-on to decrypt encrypted content.

    With official LibreELEC Kodi 17 releases (alpha, beta, whatever) you'll need to install the inputstream.mpd add-on from the LibreELEC Add-ons repository.

    :rolleyes: /facepalm
    Ok thanks, I'm an idiot. I should have noticed. My bad.

    It seems with the Kodi 17 LibreELEC inputstream doesn't work for some reason (RPi2)? I installed it via: curl -Ls | bash
    It did say sucessfully installed ....

    Does it currently only work with the Milhouse-Testbuilds?

    Till we have a proper fix, you can remove addon.db from the userdata/database/ folder. This fix it but you have to activate all your addons again.

    Updated from OpenElec. I will try your suggestion. Thanks.

    Edit: I did that and he really does disable all the addons and dependecies, even the default ones. I can't handle enabling all of them again lol I hope you can come up with a fix.

    karcyon: what build are you on, and what version?


    Edit: adding the LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-6.90.003.img.gz manually to the Update folder worked. Just not the in-app update. Strange. Should have done some logging. Sorry about that :/

    tar will still be useful for people upgrading from OE as afaik you can't upgrade a oe install with an img or img.gz file.

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    So for Updating from the current OE Beta to official LE release just put the .tar in the Update folder? Or would it be better to start from scratch?

    Edit: Updating worked nicely.