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    Hi firstly a thank you to you and the other developers for your great work.

    A small? request. Will you please incorporate the latest media_build drivers from CrazyCat69 in your next build. He did a patch for the newest Geniatech Mygica T230C usb tuner. Kszag has included it in his latest [8.0.2e] build, which I tested on my C2, and tvheadend now works with my tuner.

    Unfortunately Kszag's build is still experimental and my RC6 MCE remote does not work with the internal IR sensor, but works perfectly with your rb-kryton15.3 release.

    Thanks in advance.

    CrazyCat link.

    dvb-usb-cxusb: Geniatech Mygica T230C2 support. · crazycat69/[email protected] · GitHub

    Hi, I have the same problem with a new T230C. It is identified as ID 0572:c68a. by LibreElec and not c688 or c689. Looks like the manufactures have moved the goalpost again.