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    Thanks kszaq. I thought my box is S905.

    I will try the dtb which alexeiyo suggested as we have the same box. Alexeiyo, does the remote work correctly with this dtb?

    Yes it works well with the device's RC .
    I'd recommend to control it by CEC if your tv supports it.
    In the worst case, use remote key mapper addon to assign any key on any remote to any kodi function.
    My father's tv doesn't support CEC, so he uses quickplay's infrared rc.

    Sorry, If I unintentionally broke some forum rules, but I'm just owner of this kind of device, asking some tech questions. I'm really not advertising here anything. Bought MXQ Pro Quick Play 1GB/8GB and Sunvell T95X 2GB/8GB for my family too. As you can see I don't mind to "advertise" these boxes too. So I definitely not associated with any TV Box brand.

    I'm running 8.0.1c on my K.hadas Vim (2GB/16GB) box.
    Initially installed the image on SD card and didn't put any dtb file inside. It worked well (again, without any dtb.img).
    When I look at system overview, it never shows RAM consumption above 37% (out of 2GB). Is it possible that, because of lack of dtb, LibreElec wouldn't use/see more than 1GB of RAM in particular and use OS default values for hardware parameters in general?
    My apologies for the long post ;) .


    If your box is called MXQ PRO and has 1Gb ethernet port (vs 100Mb in MXQ Pro 4k), then you'l need gxbb_p200_1G_1Gbit_RealtekWiFi.dtb .
    Look at the attached picture. If your box looks the same, then use the aforementioned dtb file for it.

    Version 8.0.1f
    I played several TV Show episodes. According to their meta data, all where [email protected] The playback was jerky (looked like skipped frames every several seconds). The same is true for v8.0.1e.
    Didn't check with other media resolutions and frame rates.
    Tried [email protected],60Hz and [email protected],60Hz screen resolutions.
    There is no such issue with version 8.0.1c. Downgraded to it.

    My device: Khadas Vim s905x (2GB/16GB).