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    If LE and Windows are on the same network. When LE is running. Go to the run command on your windows machine and type '\\LE ip address' with out the quotes. You put in your IP address of the LE machine. Then click ok and it should open the samba share where you can access the file.

    I want to do an update from OE 7 bata 3 to LE 7.0.2

    Does the system and kodi backups made in the OE and LE settings addon backup all the addon services even if they are running in the background? I have NUC running OE 7 beta 3 running the Plex server, Lamp addon with MySql server and Sab suite. Do I need to shutdown all the separate servers before I make a backup. Will the backup save all of the data and settings for all the addons and servers.

    When restoring if needed do I need to install the addons first or will a restore install the addons? Can I back up on one machine and restore to another.

    I takes a long time to set up each of these servers would it be safer to backup each server separately.

    Thanks Troy

    I would say CvH has figured out your issue. I had the same problem, my IP address did not change and the host could still be controlled by YATSE but the WOL and power options wouldn't work until I deleted the host and added it as a new host to YATSE. This seem to happen because you upgraded versions of Kodi not because of changing from OE to LE or even upgrading OE or LE.