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    I've updated the build to 8.0.2 with Kodi 17.3.

    If you already have 8.0.0 or 8.0.1 working you can update to 8.0.2 by simply copying the .tar to Update folder and reboot.

    Wow, that's awesome KOPRajs! Is that the only way to update it to 17.3 or is it possible to update it through Kodi software itself? I'm guessing since this is a custom build, maybe not?

    Well, not a hack..yet, but definitely a vulnerability. Just try not to use any subtitles or try to disable the function whilst watching a show. Kodi mentions upgrading to at least 17.2. There's already an update for the We Tek PLay but not for the MX 2 box yet, that I know as of today. libreelec-krypton-v8-0-2-mr

    I don't think there is an Amlogic version yet but hopefully soon.

    Update: Actually, it may probably update automatically via the auto updates in the LibreElec settings with Kodi 17 now but that should only happen once the update is available.

    Go KOPRajs and all who helped!

    Okay, so here is how I got my MX 2 working with LibreElec. Now that I’ve had to do it a couple of times, I’ll go over exactly how I got it to work. The first thing I did was to get the SD/USB creator for my Mac. Then, I shoved an SD card into my reader and also downloaded the latest storage.gz image file that KOPRajs created and chose that file to write to it. My Mac didn’t recognize the SD card in the Finder at first since I’d already overwritten it with a previous gz image, and probably because it was a Linux based format. But the "creator" did so I went on to the next step, which was to write the files. After the files were done I closed the creator and ejected the card. I then downloaded the zip file and opened it up and copied the files inside it to a blank USB stick. I then ejected it from my Mac and plugged it into the box along with the newly formatted SD card as new storage. I then did the toothpick method to start the box up. Once it went into an update mode I chose to delete the files and then went on to install the new files from Udisk, which is the USB stick. You have to choose the zip file from the zip folder for it to work. After recognizing the files it started to write the new files. After a few short moments, it took a much longer time to resize the new storage image disk. After that was finished it was ready for a reboot and all I had to do was to pull the USB out and let it go to start up into Libreelec, and voila, it rebooted to a new Kodi 17.1.

    (actually, that's not entirely true now that memory serves me correctly. I had to pull the power plug on the box and reinsert it for it to power back up, but it did work!) I left the SD card in as the new storage it will use for all data. But now we need to wait for the newest update due to the new security breach found in that version(17.1). So, all we need to do is to wait for the update to the Amlogic version. Thank you KOPRAjs for all your efforts so far!

    Somehow I remembered the toothpick method and got things to work and thanks Fabric8 for clarity on step number one in SD/USB creator. No need to choose, plus in the very first post KOPRajs said he would use the WeTeck Play version. Oh well. So now that Kodi 17.1 is working splendidly, I just saw there was a bug on SPMC on my other Android box. Hopefully, this is only for the SPMC version as it still uses 16.5.5, I think? Anyway, hooray, it works!! And thanks. I didn't think that old box could run 17 version of Kodi. It does!!

    Update: Uh Oh, it looks like there's some kind of a hack through the downloadable subtitles. How do we get the latest fix on this one? It says to use 17.3 Kodi. How can we update from 17.1? Is that something that we need to wait on or is there a way to update to 17.3 from 17.1?

    Update: OKay, read on down to see my discoveries regarding Kodi's update feature in LibreElec settings.

    Okay, I thought I had this but I can't figure out which version I should be using in the very first step. It does not list the MX 2. Should I be using the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 as it shows when you launch the USB/SD creator? I think that's the only thing I'm not sure about. I finally got the box to work on so I wanted to get it right the first time and not have to mess it up. Thanks anyone, or KOPRajs.

    That's so awesome, I can't wait to try it. Thanks so much for your forethought into this Koprajz.

    I only wish I had the box in my possesion so I could go through the steps from above. Thank you for your great efforts Koprajs! Quick question though, does this create an external storage on the SD or USB and not create it on the onboard internal partition for it, meaning I'd have to leave the card or usb stick in?

    The part I might have some questions about is how do I go about relabeling the SD card to LibreElec as I am not sure where that is and or if the existing internal memory needs to now run from an external SD card? I just need to see what the whole proceedure would be starting with doing a new installation from recovery. If I had the box in my possesion now, I'd experiment with it and see what would happen. I have a Mac and can connect the GBox directly to it from a tetherred ethernet cable. I can all the files in it. But if the internal storage nand memory(wahtever that is?) is still working, how do I got abouts changing its label, let alone format an SD card to ext3? If there were just a couple of links to some of these instructions? I'm not sure I can find the original instructions to get even Openelec installed on it. Would I need to use the toothpick method to do a new installation going from Openelec to LibreElec?

    I guess the bigger question for me would be how do I know if I need a new installation or an update? I have OpenElec 6.0.3 on an MX 2. Also, how does one create a Libreelec_Disk label on the storage? I'm totally confused about how to do something like that. I'm no coder that's for sure but I can read directions to a point.