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    rob0809, are your default remote of SCISHION V88 Piano box working in this build which you mention above? Advance thanks? Because I m planning to buy this andriod tv player and I also want to run this build to watch movies (720p 1080p and UHD) through my external usb hdd. Is this player good for watching uhd movies in andriod 7.1.2 based kodi (As I heard that there is no hardware acceleration available for andriod 7.1.2)

    Now that you mention it, I don't believe the remote that came with the box was working. But I don't usually use that remote anyway. I use a Ortek WMC remote. I just bought the box to play around with. I would think if you want a box for Kodi/Libreelec, there are better choices out there.

    New experimental Device in rb-leia22: RockBox

    Hi Raybuntu. I ran this build on my SCISHION V88 Piano box with 4GB and it worked! I had some problems where it would become unresponsive after playing some shows but I was able to ssh into the box and reboot. What is the difference between this build and the Rock64 build if you don't mind me asking?

    I tried running the ROCK64 LE build on my SCISHION V88 Mini III (RK3328) and it boots up but there's no sound and I had to use a USB adapter for network connectivity. I'm guessing this is because of the mis-matched dtb file (or is it dts?). It's encouraging to see it boot up anyway. And I didn't have to do anything. Just burned the image to a microSD, insert it and boot up. No toothpicks, no nothing. I've tried extracting the dtb(s) file from Android but I don't think it really matters because of Android using an old kernel. Thanks for the support.

    Hi wrxtasy. Could you post the one line script? I can't get to the kodi website to see the how to. Thanks!