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    Hi guys after a bit of help, my HTPC (specs below) was running 7.0.3 and CEC was working fine, switched off when TV was and woke up when TV was turned back on,

    not sure if it's the same, but our master bedroom TV tends to wake us up each night around 3 o'clock with a 66% chance.

    But I am using not a PC but a Raspberry Pi3

    Same in the living room with an Raspberry Pi2 and a 20 % chance.
    Both are Samsung TVs with Anynet/CEC

    Both TVs didn't show this behaviour before Kodi 17

    Doesn't it freeze for anyone else?

    Your problem sounds very similar to my problem, although I am using OSMC. I'm here to fill a second SDCard with LE and then cross check, if the problem is distribution related or Kodi 17.x related.

    I am using:

    • "confluence skin"
    • "TvHeadend" plugin (TVheadend Server is a big iron)
    • SMB/CIFS shares from a linux server (xubuntu 14.04 LTS)
    • ah, and last but not least in the master bedroom we have the plugin "videodevil" (with redtube and the stuff, for times when the kids are out and mom and dad are home alone, you know)

    Same setup is in the master living room - expcept the Pi is RPi2 and ethernet'ed, while it's an RPi3 with WiFi in the master bedroom.

    Both setups have this trouble since upgrading to Kodi 17, while 2 more RPi1 boxes (last release of RaspBMC + Kodi 15, I guess) are still working and working ... just trashing the SD file system once a year, but never hang or reboot in the middle of the night.
    So I am quite sure, the hardware is okay (swapped the RPi2 3 times, rotated the PSUs mulötiple times, no effect on the issue, issue is still bound to Kodi17 devices)

    this are my 5 cents,
    Laser Man