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    Hi awiouy

    is there any chance to get the plugin work with Android/NVidia Shield?

    It would be great if I could play my Spotify music with the Kodi Player but I didn't find any solution for that on Android.


    IIRC milhouse builds use a different kernel than the latest beta, and some addons may therefore have to be rebuilt

    okay I changed to the official beta channel and now I am using 8.90.005 but I get the same error

    could you please build the addon for the official beta versions?



    with Version 9.0.112 I get an error:

    deleting cache/reinstalling the addon didn't help

    thanks for help


    since a few days, librespot doesn't show up as connect device in the spotify app anymore. Can someone confirm that? Maybe there where some changes with the latest spotify update

    Which version of LibreELEC/Snapclient are you using?

    What does the log say (journalctl -u service.snapclient)?

    Here, Snapclient starts with LibreELEC.

    I am using LE9 Milhouse Built #405 with Snapclient 9.0.100b

    Yes, the Snapclient starts with LibreELEC but I manually have to set the ip to my own snapcast server (I don't run your LibreELEC Snapserver). My question is how to change the Snapcast Server IP within the LE Snapcast Client permanent.

    Hi awiouy,

    I run the snapcast server on a different RPi with Rapsbian. If I want to use LibreELEC as a Snapcast Client I always have to ssh "snapclient -h"

    Can you tell me how I can configure the client to use this Snapcast server permanent?

    Yes it works out of the box with Kodi as output device. For me it's fine!

    With Alsa it connects but there is no sound. But I will use Kodi as ouput.

    btw: no I have no special sound device (RPi --> HDMI --> Onkyo AVR).

    with output through Kodi it works very well! With Alsa as output device I didn't get it to work.

    It would be nice, if the artist/song-information would be transfered for artist slideshow. Is this posible?

    At the moment, it looks like that:



    I will build Librespot for LE9.

    Remind me your configuration.

    Have you tried to run the addon wihout using the wizard?

    my configuration is RPi3 with sound output through HDMI.

    yes I tried "default:CARD=ALSA" and "PI: HDMI", but I get no sound + output device will not be saved. When I close the configuration menu and open it again I have to reenter the output device

    same here.

    Sometimes the wizard is working and Spotify is playing through librespot but there is no sound.

    If I try to reinstall the addon, the dependency "" is missing. Could this be a problem?


    short question:

    I switched to Kodi 18 (LE9) and want to use Librespot again.

    When I try to run the wizard, it says there is no playback device. I could manually set a device, but I don't know what I have to write into the prompt? (Using RPi 3 with sound output through HDMI).

    EDIT: Okay I think it's: "default:CARD=ALSA"?

    I will test it tomorrow. But anyway it's strange that the wizard can't find any playback device.




    Please note that we have removed the LibSpotify binaries from our website in an effort to phase out the usage of this deprecated library. LibSpotify has been considered deprecated since 2015 and will be shut down in 2017, so we want to ensure that all developers’ efforts and attention are focused on newer and better APIs that we actively support and maintain. These APIs include the Web API, iOS and Android SDKs, and upcoming embedded libraries for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. More information regarding upcoming libraries will be provided in the coming months

    Libspotify SDK - Spotify Developer

    Here is my workaround for the Hifiberry Dac+:

    I've installed the plugin "audio profiles" and created two profiles:
    1. HDMI
    2. Hifiberry Dac

    I've configured a button on my CEC-Remote to switch between the profiles.

    In the Spotify connect web addon I chose the Hifiberry Dac as output.

    So if I want to use Kodi with the Hifiberry I chose the Hifiberry Dac profile and if I want to use the spotify addon I chose the HDMI profile (sound comes through Hifiberry Dac).

    I hope that helps you