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    Not great, seems to work ok for a bit but then playback starts getting really bad. I try reboots but I end up having to unplug, possibly wait for it to cool down, plug back in and it plays fine again. Probably going back to kszaq version or just gonna buy a new box.

    Okay... I will probably not bother, as kszaq's version is still so stable on my MK808b Plus and so far no major features that I'm missing that much from Leia... Thanks for the feedback!

    base_08 In my builds these messages are turned off unless there's an error.

    You also have to know that CEC in Amlogic 3.10 devices (such as S805) is a bit buggy and may not work with all TVs.

    Yes, I see... maybe that's the case I'll try my system on another TV capable of CEC with other devices... anyway I have here the dmesg: WPXX and I find several entries with CEC but I can't interpret...

    Yes, this indicates that it should be on: cecconfig=cecf

    hum I will check the dmesg log then, to see further if any inputs are registered, and maybe I'll post here if I can't solve by myself... but I find it odd that I never got the message from Pulse 8 like I do in the raspberry...

    kszaq yes, I had the old cable for a long time and being a follower on your work since the times of openelec over the other forum, I already knew I had to buy a new cable, but the fact is that I can confirm that the very same cable I recently bought works with the raspberry pi zero. Can I check some command line or some log to further investigate? Long time ago I had to unbrick the mk808b plus with amlogic burn tools with another firmware I found... might be this the u-boot incompatibility?

    Thank you again!

    Hi everyone and specially to kszaq !

    I'm trying to get CEC working but unlike my raspberry pi zero running raspbian and kodi, my mk808b plus doesn't have any input from the remote of the tv... In the Pi I get everytime a message of the Pulse 8 CEC connected, but on the mk808b I get nothing and in the options it says CEC is on.

    Someone can explain me how to debug this, as I see from the release I might have the U-boot incompatible, and I wished I knew how to change or upgrade the U-boot...


    Hi, kszaq!

    Recently updated to the latest version you released and it works great! But i would like to get the sliding animations back in the menus is it possible? Everytime i reboot the option in the menu goes back to the off position...


    8.0.1a has the latest Kodi and LE code, it works pretty well. There will be an update when 17.2 comes.

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    Hi kszaq!

    Amazing work with these builds!

    Actually in the mk808b plus the latest release is not so fluid as the 8.0.0b... what I understood is that you made an modification at 8.0.0g on the way the gpu is handled but somehow if I use the box intensively it slows down to a crawl, reporting values of around 250 mhz...
    On the previous version to those changes it runs always very fluid...

    echo 4 > /sys/class/mpgpu/min_freq

    Use this for fluid animations on the GUI.
    It will bump the GPU speed to 637, resulting in buttery smooth skin performance.

    Downside of this is that you need to perform the command everytime you reboot your system.

    Tried to this command... but seems not to work... if someone knows how to automate this?

    Edit: i managed the autostart to work like this:

    sleep 3
    echo 4 > /sys/class/mpgpu/min_freq
    ) &

    Second edit: still not perfect the Sometimes the command doesn't work... any news on new release Kszaq?

    Just tried this but still getting same thing. Rebooted box after running command which gave me chance to notice issues same as base_08's, box is fine immediately after restart but started lagging after I browsed into a few shows.

    One thing I noticed is running cat /sys/class/mpgpu/cur_freq reports 255. I can only seem to find info on s905, but should this report 500 at the default value of 3 and 666 after bumping it to 4?

    Yep... seems a case of auto throttling down the GPU freq... if i don't move the menus and all it sticks to the bumped frequency but as long as i start doing more complex navigation it reverts to that 255... I hope kszaq can still fix this...

    Many thanks for this excellent build and the effort put in.

    Since upgrading to 8.0.1a from 8.0g I've been having menu framerate problems @ 1080p, very stuttery navigation, however video playback is perfect. Worked fine since 7.0 when I started using this build, 8.0 was fine. Anyone else getting this? Running @ 720p resolves it

    First of all congrats to kszaq for amazing work on all platforms, been using your work since the early builds over the other guys.

    Upgraded recently from 16.1 to 17 and I do find the krypton new UI very nice but seems to lag after some minutes of usage... Is it a case of memory leakage? Or perhaps throttling down because of heating? 720p do seems to fix the stutters or low frame rate.... but seems strange that only after some usage I see the bogging down, because each fresh start is buttery smooth... and i already tried that command: echo 4 > /sys/class/mpgpu/cur_freq to no avail.

    Thanks in advance!

    edit: I'm using a mk808b plus with your latest build