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    Then what is your current issue? Are films still not playing via SMB or...?

    The limitation of browsing on SMB shares and W10 is known and means you have to place direct paths to the shares. That is it, nothing to be done about it.

    I have no idea what my PC is using for SMB version,
    I have fiddled witht he SMB settings yes, setting to min 1 and max1 or min 1 and max 3.
    Still won't allow me to browse dirtectly through SMB. Only if I enter the adresses manually.
    Also I have added SMB 1 in windows 10 settings program features.

    Oh wait you are saying browsing SMB without entering any paths isn't working inLE kodi?

    Browsing for SMB shares does not work when using W10, due to the SMB version... See:

    LibreELEC (Krypton) v8.1.0 BETA – LibreELEC

    (Assuming you are using kszaq's build for your mediaplayer)

    Also set the max SMB version in Kodi to v3 and disable V1 in Windows 10:

    How to disable SMBv1 to protect your Windows PC from malicious attacks | Windows Central

    1. Is your source (NAS, PC etc.) Supporting SMBv3? You might want to check the forced Max SMB version in your settings in Kodi and see what your source supports (in a recent update in W10, SMBv1 was disabled. If Kodi still communicates with this protocol, it will be denied.)

    2. Searching for SMB does not work in LE Kodi. You have to add it with the direct path (either //SERVERNAME/SHARE or // And then add username/password.

    Once added; Kodi will scan your source / paths and add it to the library with the help of the TMDB scraper. For instance; I had to add 3 shares from my MicroServer Gen8 running Win10 to facilitate films, animations and shows/series. Kodi does the rest.

    I'm really happy with my 905x box! Just a few things I'm wondering about/struggeling with since ditching my w10 NUC and going the LIBREELEC route;

    1. Is there a way to run a clean job on the library after every scan? I move and delete quite a bit of stuff and in Kodi for Windows this was a parameter in a config file

    2. If you set a non-english language as the default language on a library, you can choose a secondary language (or is it just English as a secondary if there is no match)? Is there a way to set a non-english language as a secondary one? 99% of my movies and series are English, so up until now I had to create different libaries/folders for theese.

    3. Any guides/pointers to get Logitech Harmony remotes to work better would be greatly appriciated. I've tried a few different devices for the 905x box in the Harmony app, but it just gives me basic functions. Perhaps someone has published a keyboard mapping file?

    For 1.: Install WatchDog:

    [RELEASE] Library watchdog

    Add-on:Watchdog - Official Kodi Wiki

    For 3. Consider getting a FLIRC - Your TV - PC Remote Companion It is what I did with my Harmony 700. It might be a bit overkill, but I figured I can always re-use it on a Raspi box for instance.

    I tried straight away. replaced the dtb and used the terminal emulator to reboot. Unfortunately the same result. I also tried the toothpick method again. no luck. DO you also use the 802e or should I try an older version. would that help?



    I doubt that it would make a difference. Are you absolutely positive that you have a p212 (i.e did you check in Android first)? There are so many MXQ 4k variants out there....

    Just to be sure: are you using a USB stick or are you using an SD Card? The SD Card always boots, the USB variant only has one USB port from which it will boot from (which is a matter of trial and error really)

    Try using the 'terminal' method as described in the first post/FAQ and see if that works. Also; do not use the Nand version, but the p212_1g.dtb file.

    I have the exact same box and used the above method and that never fails for me nor other users.

    There were some changes from A to B, but not from B to C afaik.

    I won't build Kodi 18 until it is in beta stage.

    As far as I can tell a Samba update is in the works: samba: update to samba-4.6.3 [backport] by MilhouseVH · Pull Request #1628 · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    Ah, that would be awesome! I wonder if it will have any positive effect (if any) on throughput speed (though I never had issues with that to begin with really) Atleast we will be able to make sure that the exploit is disabled :)

    Question; with the current SMB1 WannaCry exploit floating around, I actually wanted to turn off SMB1 protocols and just use SMB2/3. However, after disabling SMB1, Kodi can no longer acces my SMB shares. It looks to me like it is using SMB1 protocols. Is there any way in order to force Kodi/LE to use version 2 and up?

    Edit; I did find this thread:

    SMB2 support

    But i am unsure if this would work for LE and if the location is exactly the same? Note: I want to turn on SMB1 shares seeing as my SMB shares are on a HPE Micro8 server that is in constant connection with the internet.

    Edit 2:

    Ok, so you need to place the smb.conf in this location: /storage/.config/samba.conf (or in the Samba folder 'Config' ) and add this:

    client max protocol = SMB3

    The reboot and disable SMB1 on your server. Reboot that and it should work just fine.

    Edit 3: Nope, that did not work. Changed it in bot the hidden .smb folder and the .config folder to no avail. As soon as I turn off SMB1; Kodi cannot connect via SMB anymore. Am I doing something wrong?

    I told you many times that this is a general Kodi issue. I haven't claimed to fix this.

    Unfortunately I bet it's the VideoPlayer changes that broke this, subtitles rendering is almost untouched.

    Apart from that; you should really ask yourself how much time you would want to spend on even fixing this. I mean; what are we even talking about? 1 microstutter when you enable a sub?

    S905 box, kszaq last develop version LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-8.0.1-devel-2017-05-05.
    I have no stuttering issues with watching of movies with subtitles. All files play smoothly without and with subtitles too. Including test sample file above...
    Maybe S905 and S905X difference? Or some setting problem?

    I doubt it, seeing as my p212 (S905x, MXQ pro 4K) works fine eith and without subs.

    Must be component specific, might even be down to SD card speed used.

    The MXQ Pro 4k does not have a Gigabit port. the Pro does.

    So you really need to make sure which model you have, you can find that out using the About section in Android or using CPU-Z

    Thank you. :)

    8.0.1j posted in OP. Some experimental changes from 8.0.1i are reverted now to fix a/v sync.

    Thanks for the update! Did the logs I posted earlier have any added value for you and/or do you have a suggestion why RWD might not work properly? I just tested 'j'and the behaviour is still the same. As an added note; the time in the timebar is going back, the screen is just frozen. If I hit play again, I can see the time moving fwd, but the screen is frozen still. If I stop the film, Kodi will prompt to take off again at the time I hit stop and work fine after that.

    So it seems that the system keeps track of where it is RWD to, but the screen just does not want to go along with it. Hope this helps.

    Thanks for all the hard works as usual, coffee money is on its way :)

    I have this issue as well on an OTT Box MXQ Pro 4k P212 (S905x) Rewind never seems to work on any video I use. FFW works like a charm btw. I already increased the buffersize etc. to no avail. But I do not suspect it is an issue with the network nor the source( all gigabit cabling and the source is a HPE Microserver Gen 8). I suspect it is specific to this box or chipset possibly.

    I will see if the 'i' version fixes this or not :)

    Edit: Sadly it does not. I took a snippit from the log around the film I used:

    Not sure if that is of any help. I noticed this btw as well:

    13:31:10.988 T:4089443232    INFO: CAESinkALSA::Initialize - Opened device "sysdefault:CARD=AMLM8AUDIO"
    13:31:10.992 T:4089443232    INFO: CAESinkALSA::InitializeHW - Your hardware does not support AE_FMT_FLOAT, trying other formats

    Though my receiver (Pioneer VSX-831) tells me that I am really getting the DTS-MA stream so no idea where this is coming from....

    Apart from the rewind issue: still very happy with this release. Thanks again kszaq!

    First line in the OP: suspend is not reliable and thus disabled completely.

    I see no reason to use suspend anyway, given the fact that a shutdown and then a power on takes like 10 seconds in total to complete (running with an UHS-I / Class 10 SD card)