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    Some days ago my TV remote stopped working with LibreELEC (installed on a Raspberry Pi 3)., and I don't know why.
    If I plug the same Raspberry Pi with the same LibreELEC on another TV, the remote work as it should.
    I gave a look to the CEC adapter settings, but didn't found something out of place.
    Any idea?

    I think my CEC issue may just be a slightly different CEC bug from what you many of you have experienced. A different CEC bug altogether introduced in LibreElec 8/Kodi 17 that is specific to my LG TV in the living room.

    It's funny how my "problematic" TV is also an LG TV. :D
    My other Panasonic TV works flawlessly with its remote, even without installing JimmySmith's update.

    Network is not yet up. Somewhere in LibreELEC settings enable Wait for network.
    Other option is to add before curl line sleep 5 or even little more time to get network up.

    Honestly I thought the same, but AFAIK the content of is executed with this daemon, which should wait for the network because of this line:


    Anyway, I'll give it a try as soon as possible, thank you!

    I have a remote playlist which I'd like to download, perform a simple search & replace, and save in a local path; the aforementioned steps should be executed on boot.

    The first step is to download and edit the playlist. This can be accomplished with the following command:

    curl 'remote-playlist-url' | sed 's/.ts/.m4v/g' > /storage/playlist.m3u

    which produce the expected file.

    The second step is to perform the first step on every boot. I have created a /storage/.config/ file with the following content:

     curl 'remote-playlist-url' | sed 's/.ts/.m4v/g' > /storage/playlist.m3u;
    ) &

    However, all I got is an empty file, and I don't know why nor how to debug the command.
    Any hint would be appreciated.

    You have the tar to download on here jimmysmith compiled...put that in update folder on storage and restart libreelec

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    I have put the .tar in the /storage/.update directory.
    The update was installed, but the issue is still there on my raspberry pi 3 :(

    I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3, and have the same annoying issue :(
    If LibreElec goes in a dimmed state (after 5 minutes of inactivity I guess), I have to wake it up with the Kodi network remote in order to use the TV remote again!

    Did the whole device restart (this is very rare) or did only Kodi restart? If the latter you should have a crashlog, so please upload the latest log*.zip in the "Logfiles" share (to dropbox, google drive etc.), and then post the download link.

    Is this using the built-in RPi3 WiFi, or a USB WiFi dongle?

    I'm using the built-in RPi3 WiFi.
    I have just reflashed the OpenELEC image in order to reproduce the issue, but this time the first time setup went smooth :huh:
    However, thank you for your help :D


    I'm running LibreELEC on a Raspberry Pi 3.
    During the first time setup, in the Internet connection setting, I have chosen my SSID but LibreELEC froze and restarted before asking for the password.
    Then, the setup continued with the next section (SSH & Samba).
    After that, I have tried to go in Settings in order to try to configure the Internet connection again, but the whole WiFi connection part is missing.

    Just to be sure it wasn't an hardware issue, I have flashed OpenELEC on the microSD and run the the first time setup: all went good.

    Anyway, I'd love to move on LibreELEC, so any help would be appreciated.