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    Try with 6.04 same result very too slow in comparison with legacy PXE.
    I'm interrest with your HTTP transfers but, I don't undertand how to set it

    I've try to add in my default

    LABEL linux-http


    APPEND ip=dhcp boot=NFS= disk=NFS= ipv6.disable=1 overlay progress

    But I receive a file not found,
    if I try with in a browser, it download the KERNEL so my link is good.

    What's Wrong ?

    In short: the UEFI64 syslinux boot files have to be added to the TFTP server and the DHCP server has to set "syslinux.efi" instead of "lpxelinux.0" as filename option for UEFI64 clients.

    Thanks for your answer.

    Where can I find all needed files, are there in the /efi/BOOT/ on the install img.

    If yes I've only 4 Files :

    Hello Worl I also use boot with PXE NFS since a long time.

    My pxelinux file are in pxelinux.cfg on a tftp-server under centos 6 server



    PROMPT 0


    MENU LABEL LibreElec

    KERNEL LibreElec/8.2/KERNEL

    APPEND ip=dhcp boot=NFS= disk=NFS= ipv6.disable=1 overlay progress

    My J4105 has no legacy boot.
    Is there a way to boot LE with PXE UEFI ?

    Thanks in advance


    Hello world,

    Just try the LE 8.1 Beta Generic Version
    I've some trouble with the IRC when I push a buton the remote repeat many time.
    With the 8.0.2 I haven't this trouble.
    I'v got a MCE remote control as this one61cmMDqpd3L._SL1000_.jpg
    Thanks for your work


    Hello World,

    I've installed the LibreElec 8.01. It's my first step with LE precedently I have used OE.
    It's also my first step with estonny interface.

    I've search in Wiki and Forum without success.

    I want to install Crazycat drivers (TBS), but I can't see a contexte menu to do that.

    Thanks in advance for your help