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    I am thinking of getting ipvanish. I have your software running on a hp laptop. can I install ipvanish on it? also do you have a link on how to create a backup in case things fail on kodi or on your program? thanks. it runs real good. the laptop is a envy m6. thanks for the hard work.

    I am new to this OS. I am installing it on a 8GB stick right now. I guess I just boot to it? there is no way to modify the disk space when installing on hard drive. it only used 512mb out of a over 500GB drive. telling me it was already using 40% of the first partition right and end of install. that's crazy, they need to allow us the change partition size. anyhow i ran across your post and wanted to input what I am experiencing. I guess I can install a OS on the laptop after the install to the USB drive. no OS on it now.

    The partition should be expanded upon initial boot. I'd suggest reinstalling and letting the initial boot finish completely.

    there is no way to modify the size on install or does it use a script? that may be a good thing to add in the future. if I reinstall will the partition that is holding the OS be larger that 512? I wanted to make it like GBs so I could install more addons. it shows that the 2nd partitioned is there. but is it just going to be waited space?

    thank you for your work on this program. I installed it on a laptop i had laying around. its a hp envy m6. I am new to this type of install. the drive is very large, however on install I don't recall the option to re partition the drive, so it created a partition size of 512. My question is can I resize it and if so how can I go about doing that? thank you
    PS I wanted to add that it is telling me after install that 40% of the 512 mb is being used. the 457 gb is empty in sda2. how can I access this hard drive space? should I have partitioned it before I did the install? help!!