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    i think s802 boot loader cant work as s812 can so better get an s812 bootloader on it if you want to boot from sd.

    I did as i was getting that issues also but i could run installer from sd.

    clearly I'm too new. I'm missing something. How do I pull off the s812 boot Loader? I have two boxes of this m8s board v8-8. Bcm4335. I have one running libreelec from internal mxiii 1g tar update. Works perfect, all wifi and Bluetooth and smooth playback. My second box I want to maintain android as I use a few apps on that one but would like to run this same libreelec version from sd card. I have a droid sd card I use to reinstall mbox droid firmware whenever I load an image that fails. Is the boot loader I need in the android working box or libreelec? Or both and how do I get it? I have moved files with ftp/putty to libreelec box. I was using the image I used for my libreelec box with the libreelec sd tool but that isn't booting.

    Sorry for newbie issue, I feel like I'm close based on what I have loading from sd cards, right???

    I tried to install the new Demetrius image on my M8s with version M8.8 board. BCM 4335 chipset. The 1g images worked fine on my other identical box for libreelec internal install but for my other box only want to boot from sd to keep android but after trying a couple sd cards I received the following issues:

    1) Error in prepare_sysroot: mount_common: could not mount /flash/system starting debugging shell SH: can't access tty: job control turned off.

    2) with another image and card I saw the screen flash and then I get "File system corruption has been detected. I let it try to repair and it says:

    CP437: invalid argument

    FSCK.Fat 3.0.2b (2015-5-16)

    Open: Read only file system

    ezfsck 1.43.3 (04-sep-2016)

    Fsck.ext4: read-only file system while trying to open /dev/mmcblk0p2

    Disk write protected: use the -n option to do a read only

    Check of the device.

    Forced fsck failed. your system is broken

    This was the one I tried:



    I have this box and willing to test on dual boot but I was seeing multiple instructions. So do I need the DTB.img file or not for dual boot or do I only use the toothpick and the image burned to the USB. SORRY I see notes on a different method of dual boot but couldn't find definitive. My box is the M8.8 version S812 2gb/16gb

    1. The model on the board itself is M8 v8.9 - the firmware it uses, stock, is cyx_m8s_v8.6_bcm4335_8g2g_kodi_addons_160125_USB - there was a newer release but it wouldn't flash for me...odd that the firmware it uses is 8.6, while the board is labeled 8 .9. My dtb file is somewhere earlier in the thread, and as a patch in my fork of your LE repo.

    2. idUI

    3. I guess it would have to be 4.4, no versions beyond this have been functional.

    I have this same board but v8.8, runs the same libreelec versions you have mentioned. I can flash this and wifi, Bluetooth all work but old version kodi. LibreELEC_8.0.0-Begicj-M8S_S812_4335

    I installed the mxIII s8x2 version successfully but clearly this doesn't support my bcm4335 chip so wifi and Bluetooth doesn't work but kodi 17.3. Have you had any success with merging the 4335 support to a .tar update file?

    the beta version of kodi 17 in this v8 worked well. I need to figure out the key map editor as my controller makes noise but can't hit enter. Has anyone updated this with a release version of kodi 17 yet? I had put this box away because I didn't think I could run kodi 17 on it