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    Hey Ken.

    Here is a very recent SMP HDR build done just before Kodi 19.3 was released that works for my NUC8:


    Ah, tested that one and it keeps rebooting my device every 5 mins or so... No worries, back to 10.0.1 for now. Thx again!

    Hey mate! Your download link is broken. I'll test asap.

    Hey all,

    I was speaking with another member HDGuy , who has successfully installed LE10 on a T430. i managed to get my hands on a couple of them and attempted to run LE9 and LE10.

    No luck. I can install it and run it without issue, but after I get a few addons installed (Google Drive, Trakt Youtube etc) both of the devices freeze after about 10 - 20 seconds. Logs here

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    If anyone has had any luck with this model, or has any ideas, I'm open to anything.



    Hey mate, I managed to get a couple of these for $45! Mine have N4000 not N4030 CPU, and I can't get LE 10 or even LE9 to run... keeps crashing in a loop on both. Oh well, at least I didn't waste too much cash...

    I wonder if the chipset has anything to do with it?

    hey HDGuy what spec is your T430? 2Gb or 3Gb RAM? I can't seem to find that model for less than $120 CAD.


    kenmills You will need to use the images under my share as there are no project nightlies right now. You can use rufus or other SD writing apps like Etcher. If the box needs the toothpick method .. use the toothpick method (this varies by box). Use the "box" image and configure a device tree filename in uEnv.ini that is similar to your hardware; there are some other GXM box devices that are probably a close match.

    Thx chewitt ! QQ - After I flash with Rufus, onto my SDCARD, the SDCARD is not readable in Windows, so I can't see the uEnv.ini file.

    Any ideas why that would happen, and I assume that I am supposed to be able to view the SDCARD after the flash?

    Thx again for your time!!

    Does anyone lese experience the screen going black for 2 - 10 seconds :

    1. starting a video

    2. stopping a video

    3. randomly while playing a video

    This is with HDR and non-HDR content.

    This only happens when I have DRM PRIME enabled, but of course, I need that for HDR content.

    **Also - not sure if anyone else noticed, but the LE settings addon won't open.

    I have a NUC i5 gen 7.



    The current official LE 10.0 build does not support HDR on Intel yet.

    You can use the Devel version that is posted on this thread (that uses patches to enable HDR) but you will definitely need a board that supports HDMI 2.0 at least.

    I hope that helps.