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    Do the 8.00D release ( kodi 17.1RC ) support https streaming, i know the final release has it, but wondering if the support was incuded in the RC?
    It´s my dads box and dont wanna hassle with the upgrade if it has the support. (we live far away from eachother)

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    thx, for the 905X whats the name of the internal wifi? ( what the "word" to blacklist.
    Also is blacklist a must or is it just a precaution to avoid it going to the internal wifi?

    ah great, just throwing the question out there before bying one, no need to uninstall the driver for the built in wifi then? Or do you choose wich network card it will use?

    Users often misinterpret the function of cooling to be making their box/device run cool, or as cool as possible, which is never the [sic] case. In reality the main objective is ensuring a safe operating temperature range. As long as cooling holes do this, the objective is reached. Holes on the bottom generally result in lower levels of dust ingression to the device and avoid the opportunity for liquid spill damage so in most consumer products would be preferred to holes/vents on the sides or top.

    Do you or anyone else know the max temp before throttle kicks in?

    Thx for answers

    I think irdium hit the head on the nail, did a thermal check with ir gun, and the cases is the same temp roughly on both boxes (nexbox a few degrees warmer due to the smaller formfactor i guess ) im guessing it depends on the sensor placement. I thought amlogic themself put the sensor in the chip and it whould be in the same place on all s905x.

    The upsidedown placement of the board isnt anything to worry about, the ventilation holes in the bottom works well. The m8s dont have ventholes so i guess its a nice compromise.


    So i got a mini m8s II and a nexbox A95X.

    The nexbox is around 65c with 5c up and down.
    The mini m8s on the other hand is around 50c stable.

    Is the ventilation on the m8s that much better or is the readings wrong?

    Yeah, i´ve been wondering about the temps too.


    So the included remotes in nexbox and beelink works, but not great with button layout since its not android anymore.

    Is there a god cheap remote that works with theese boxes, im guessing it needs to be IR since you cant turn the box on with bluetooth dongle remotes?

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