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    I could swear my Rpi4 CEC problems started right after i upgraded the USB3 controller ROM and some other ROM (bootloader?) .. not sure why those would affect CEC.. i tried changing HDMI cables, couldn't get a picture with some cables.. i got it to work once, but then after changing HDMI inputs and back CEC was gone again.. i hope mine will be fixed with 9.2.1 as others have reported here..

    I guess you mean G4560, you can use G4600, they are pretty cheap these days.

    Btw the state of Nvidia support in the future at Kodi is still not clear!

    Oh, Nvidia's support for Linux is very clear. It's very clearly still non-existing! And it's very clear it'll stay that way!

    I live in the 3rd world and have UPS' hooked up to every part of my house. I'd love to have my APC Backups Pro hooked into my Pi3 and let it warn me that i'm low on battery .. and maybe through a setting, decide to shutdown (hdmi-cec) the pi, tv + avr eg. 5 mins before it runs out of juice.

    How about triggering it with the SMB protocols? Ask on install or notify on upgrades. Tell users if they are using Windows 10 to switch to SMB3 or if they are on Windows 7/8 to stay on SMB1-2.

    I'm assuming Windows 10 compatibility requires SMB3 ..?

    I agree with your assessments. There will be a long transition period and it will probably be painful for most samba/windows users.

    milhouse yes, what chewitt was saying. The default is off. If you are worried about security of the default password, you should make it part of the install, to ask for a password or generate one for the user to write down.

    Quite a few forum posts have been hit by this upgrade snag, people can't access their shares anymore and are clueless as to why.

    ah yes,

    Setting up username/password is now a requirement for samba browsing. It would suit LE to have a default libreelec/libreelec user/pass, instead of just failing.

    I have similar LibreElec 8.2.5 woes. Everything was working in 8.0.2, browsing Samba, only entering credentials once. Now that i upgraded i can't browse the shares. Windows can't browse LibreElec's shares either. But the movies still play though, which is a bit bizarre.

    I can also trigger a video lib scan from the web interface and it succesfully finds new stuff.

    Would have been helpful with some smbclient cmdline tools to debug.


    I live in Africa and power stability here is .. well, power stability does not exist. I watch a lot of movies/tvshows on my pi3 through Kodi/Libreelec and power often goes out during playback. But Kodi/LibreElec does not seem to have any progress saving. It will save where it had reached if you stop the playback. But i'd love if it could save where it had reached in a movie/show every 5/10 seconds during playback, so when power comes back i can continue where i left off.

    Thanks for listening.


    That did the trick, but every movie i ever downloaded is named OU (over-under) or Half-OU Why does Kodi not support the "standard" naming scheme?

    Even if i force an OU movie in 3D playback settings, it has no effect. Even your UI calls it OverUnder, so why -TAB- ? Makes no sense.


    I'm able to playback every SBS 3D movie i throw at Libreelec, but all OU consistently fail. Even if i go force it on, nothing happens.

    How do i figure out if it's Kodi, the movie or libreelec's issue?

    I'm on 8.0.1 (not seeing any 3d related fixes in 8.0.2) on a rpi-1b and a Sony w800b