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    Yes, I already disabled "having DTS-HD" Receiver etc.. now these audio formats are playing (with upmix of course) - but that really is no solution.

    Also I do know that Kodi 17 does not support native 4k videos.

    But with my NUC6CAYS I am able to play 4k videos with Kodi 17 - but only unter Windows 10... With LibreELEC 8.0 both the same video is stuttery...

    I won´t have problems using Win10 instead - but with Win10 my Logitech Harmony Remote does not work as it does with LE. A lot of functions are missing, the NUC does not turn off - just suspends etc...

    Any news regarding the 7.1 Audio passthrough?

    Unter Windows 10 I am able to play all kind of Audio (DTSHD, Dolby Atmos, 7.1... whatever). Also I am able to play 4k videos without shuttering.

    But I prefer LibreELEC - I have installed current 8.0

    Is there a way to activate 7.1 passthrough there too? Maybe a custom build?

    It really is a pain! I sold my NUC5PPYH (here all kind of Audio was working with LibreELEC 8.0) to buy a NUC6CAYS because of the HDMI 2.0. But now it does not work as suggested...