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    Thank you very much. Everything is working now.

    Only "problem" remaining is that after reboot there seems to be no internet/network connection (wired) so Kodi throws some errors.
    5 seconds later it finds internet and I can click the error message away.
    No idea if this is a problem of my box? M8S II S905X.

    Is there a way to delay loading add ons.
    So it waits for 5 seconds, finds the internet and only then loads the adding with no errors.

    Is this possible?

    First thank you for this great release of Libreelec for the S905x.
    I have a M8S II with S905x.

    Unfortuately, I have two remaining issues with it:
    1) After reebok the picture is darker.
    Only after a video file was played it seems to be normal again. Can this be fixed?
    It is annoying to do that after every reboot.
    If this is a bug with the S905x then all should have this problem?

    2) Under Settings-->System-->Display I can't change the refresh rate.
    It is greyed out at 60 Hz. Therefore the refresh rate update doesn't work and 24p movies are still played at 60hz.
    Apparently one device in my HDMI chain "reports" it can only do 60Hz (It is a HDMI2AV Converter for Ambilight).
    So if I unplug that device and reboot everything is back to normal and dynamic refresh rate update works. Then I plug the HDMI2AV converter again and it still works with 24p. So it seems the device can handle 24, but just "reports" wrong to Kodi.
    So is it possible to disable the "refresh rate detection" of Kodi? All my devices can handle 24p but Kodi still thinks they cannot.

    Thanks for your help!