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    Thanks djspawn.

    I 've updated the first post and added this info.

    Hi troka.

    Have you tried this rom using a USB male-to-male cable?

    If we have the same version it should work properly.

    You can revert you device to original firmware from here:

    But be sure that you have that nexbox version, you might have other version.

    I'm glad to hear that.

    Our cheap nexbox had a crappy u-boot. It's a pitty the led behaviour but I prefer to wake up from remote or CEC .

    There are good news.
    I didn't expect that it worked in others devices.
    As I've seen in these pictures the remotes are quite different.
    I think that if you copy the "remote.conf" file from your original firmware, it could work.

    These cheap buggy boxes are a pain in a neck.

    Very good find. I've always told you it's a firmware issue. :D

    You're right, I've tried changing uboot because I've read one of your posts here pointing u-boot as the main cause of this bug.

    Those cheap boxes are very buggy but libreelec have solved that.
    Thanks kszaq.

    I've solved this bug in my "NEXBOX MXQ PRO" using u-boot from a "MXQ PRO 4K" firmware:


    My NEXBOX u-boot was a crap, I couldn't enter into recovery or update mode using the toothpick method. Is seems like nexbox u-boot disables recovery button (I had to use reboot recovery or reboot update from android)
    But with a "MXQ PRO 4K" u-boot I can enter into recovery or update mode using toothpick method.

    Hi all.
    I've a NEXBOX MXQ PRO that I brought last year but I haven't used until now. My box has a sticker "MXQ-S905 1G/8G" / "RTL8189 20160315" on the PCB.

    These cheap boards have a well-known bug in uboot that prevents to power on the box from remote.

    I've installed latest nexbox official firmware "cyx_MXQPro-NEXBOX_8189etv_8g1g_kodi_addons_160603_USB.rar" from Download latest Android Kitkat 4.4.2 stock firmware for Nexbox MXQ Pro TV Box - China Gadgets Reviews

    With this firmware I managed to install libreelec on the NAND storage but the annoying power-on bug persists. This is a bad quality firmware not only for power-on bug, you can't go to recovery using the toothpick method.

    I've found another firmware for "mxq pro 4k" (it adds 4K to the name) dated 02-12-2016 from here:
    FIRMWARE: TV-Box MXQ PRO 4K con SoC S905 (02-12-2016) |
    Download firmware link
    This firmware solved the power-on bug!!

    I was excited, because when I use this firm I can power off and even power on from libreelec and the recovery toothpick method worked!!!
    Unfortunately I didn't manage to install properly libreelec to NAND using this firmware. Although "installtointernal" script works fine, I only get a blank screen on reboot. I tried with gxbb_p200_1G_100M.dtb, gxbb_p200_1G_mxq_pro_4k.dtb,gxbb_p200_1G_100M_RealtekWiFi.dtb and gxbb_p201.dtb (this last firm is for a p201 version).
    I did a lot of tests without success. I could use libreelec from SD but not from NAND.

    Then I found an amlogic tool that that allow me to edit images (Amlogic Customization Tool V2.0.8)

    So I extracted "MXQ PRO 4K" image and copied "bootloader.partition", "ddr.usb" and "uboot.usb" from this last to the original nexbox image.

    Then I burnt it using a home-made USB male to male cable to my box and It worked. I could go into recovery using toothpick method. That didn't work with standard NEXBOX firmware.

    I managed to run libreelec fom SD. Power on from remote works well and the most important think is that libreelec installation to NAND worked.

    I've uploaded the uboot modified firmware:

    Install it using male-to male USB adapter and then install libreelec.

    NEWS: djspawn have built a new version for NEXBOX-A95X that fix led behaviour:

    Hello everybody! I'm glad to inform, I fixed uBoot:

    1. Turns on and off from the home remote with the native "Power" button (Android / AlexELEC / LibreELEC)
    2. The LEDs-indicators (were "confused" in places) are fixed: the blue LED is on, the red LED is off.

    Firmware(NEXBOX-A95X 8189etv 8g1g 160812 with uboot fix) and uBoot separately can be taken here: MEGA

    ----------Working devices--------------
    -Nexbox A95X S905

    ----------------Known issues:-------------
    -The led behaviour is the oposite, when the box is turned off the blue led light is on. (This works properly on djspawn firmware mod)
    -It takes about 20 seconds to boot libreelec (15 first seconds whithout any logo, black screen, I think that booting from SD is faster)
    -It can't power on from "SUSPEND" using remote. (you must change hdmi-cec options in libreelec input devices to prevent this).

    kszaq fixed it, i flashed my stock p201 firmware then installed 007 to nand. If you look in the device tree folder you will see gxbb_p200_mxq_pro_4k.dtb, which i'm using now.
    NOTE: He uploaded a new version with proper LAN so i would dowload it again just to be sure.

    If you want to boot using v7.img then you need to use gxbb_p200_1G_100M.dtb, this is what i used prior to kszaq proper mxq dtb. Also remeber it depends what motherboard version you have.


    I've a nexbox mxq pro with an amolgic s905. The board has a sticker with "MXQ-S905 1G/8G" / "RTL8189 20160315"
    The firmare v7.img that you've post works fine and I can install libreelec to internal nand using gxbb_p200_1G_100M.dtb (p201.dtb also worked)
    This box has an uboot bug that don't let me to power off and power on from remote when I use libreelec (It turns off hdmi but only on android), and this bug is present in v7.img

    Although my box isn't a "MXQ pro 4K" I've downloaded and instaled this firmware:
    FIRMWARE: TV-Box MXQ PRO 4K con SoC S905 (02-12-2016) |

    It fits well and I can use wifi and the most important thing is that I can power off and power on from remote even on libreelec. :)
    But when I install libreelec to internal "installtointernal" my box gets bricked, no boot logo. I only can use libreelec from sdcard.

    This last firmware says that my box is a p201 and the firmware in the first post (v7.img) says that my box is a p200.

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong or which tests I must do.

    Although I can enjoy libreelec from sd I would like to use from nand.