Music library Menu on Pi3 missing 12 items (LE 7.0.2)

  • So LE 7.0.2 on my RPi3 shows this for the main Music Library menu screen:

    LE 7.0.2 on my Chromebox shows this for the main Music Library menu screen:

    Is this a bug, some feature that's not turned on? I've scanned the same SMB network share on both systems so the music library is the same. If I pick Artist or Album from the Music submenu option on the main screen, I can see the RPi3 has a real & working Music library on it. Just nothing shows up on this screen.

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  • Can anyone else with a Pi 2 or 3 post a screenshot of what their main Music - Library screen looks like?

    I'm having trouble with adding a library to my Pi3 running Librelec V7.0.2 Kodi V16.1

    Everything shows up from my Readynas UPnP using it's DLNA service. The folders show albums correctly

    When I try to scan the library however I get duplicate entries and none of them play from the library menu. I appreciate that they may not all be tagged correctly, but they appear Ok on the files menu (correct track order, etc and they play!). They will not play from the library menu.

    My biggest problem is that I'm using Kore on Android to play the Pi and nothing in the library (music) works. If I go to files and pick my UPnP device they play, but the tracks are all in the wrong order. Bit of a pain, especially for a classical music fan!

    I'm using the same UPnP DLNA server for Windows media player and the Android UPnPlay (great app!) and they show all albums with correct track order.

    I've processed some albums with Music Brainz after researching on the forum, but it's made no difference.

    Any ideas would be very welcome