Tronsmart Vega Amlogic S905, Wi-Fi modules

  • Hi,

    Will LibreELEC S905 firmware support one of these WIFI module or all of them ?

    Tronsmart Vega boxes with these WIFI module:

    WIFI Modul Broadcom AP6212 (Vega S95 Pro) ?

    WIFI Modul Broadcom AP6330 (Vega S95 Meta) ?

    WIFI Modul Broadcom AP6335 (Vega S95 Telos) ?

    Hope some one can answer me before i buy a Tronsmart box.

  • i sit try read all 49 pages on this link you gave me tunay.

    will it mean i can make a SD card from this file here:


    and then i boot up my box and get WIFI and REMOTE and BT working on a Tronsmart Vega S95 (Meta) exemple ?

  • As far as I can tell my builds should support all these chips.

    Perfect thank you kszaq, i have been using many LibreELEC from your builds for S905, and its all great i like a fast boot and only boot up to use KODI :-)
    keep up the good work.

    but i will try some Tronsmart box soon i think i go for the (Meta) version.