LibreELEC reports incorrectly being connected to HDMI1

  • Hey guys!

    My LibreELEC (HTPC with PluseEight CEC Adapter) is connected via an AVR to HDMI 3 of the TV (Sony Android TV (A1)), however, it seems to be reporting that it is connected to HDMI 1 on the TV, not via HDMI 3 of the TV.

    Where and how can I correct this so that LibreELEC reports being connected to HDMI3 on the TV via the AVR?

    Thanks for your help.



  • Where is this reported? Are you sure Kodi isn't just saying that it is connected to hdmi1 on the HTPC?

  • Hey Irusak... thanks for your response.

    LibreELEC / Kodi is connected via HDMI-1 indeed... but I am referring to the Input List of the SONY A1: when I open the list, it reports the AVR and two UHD-Players connected via HDMI 3, which is correct, since both UHD-Players are connected via the AVR. However, additionally, KODI is reported being connected to HDMI1, which is wrong, since LibreELEC/KODI is also connected via the AVR.

  • I think this is going to be an issue with the way your AVR or TV enumerates HDMI passthrough signals rather than any setting in LE/Kodi.

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  • The problem is this is not just cosmetics...
    In some situations, TV switches to HDMI 1 when KODI switches back and forth, say between resolutions.

  • Guys, I think I fixed it...
    it was my CustomEDID, which was from my old setup... (just recently switched to SONY A1).
    I have it now commented it out.
    Now it's perfect! (Hope it stays that way).

    Greetings and thanks!