LE USB-SD Creator Reports [0 MB] for Target

  • I'm trying to install to a Slice with brand new CM3 just fitted. I'm using a Win7 PC and downloaded LE USB-SD Creator OK. The Slice was connected to the PC via USB-MiniUSB cable and power applied via Slice power pack. Ran LE USB-SD Creator and it correctly populated hardware as "Slice (CM3)" and what looks to be the right S/w build. The s/w package downloaded OK.
    In the target drop-down it shows two drives as: "E:\ [0MB] and F:\ [0MB]" I have no other external drives plugged in so I assumed these are the Slice EE memory and HD but I not sure of this as when I open Windows File Manager, these two drives are not shown. So when I click the "Write" button on LE USB-SD Creator it fails with error message "not enough space" clearly because it only seeing [0 MB].

    Is there a step I've missed to get the CM3 ready before trying to use LE USB-SD Creator?
    Or is there a step that mounts the Slice drives to Windows that I need to do?

    Your generous help is requested.

    PS I have a separate PC with Unbuntu 14 which I could use but figured there must be a way to get this done on the Win 7 box.



  • I'm trying to install to a Slice with brand new CM3 just fitted.

    I managed to get it all working today :) Found a post about CM3 install on the Five ninjas forum that gave me so good starting points (thanks to tvoverbeek). Also some reading of the Raspberrypie.org documentation about flashing a CM3 (although their methodology uses an expensive CM interface board which I don't have). The key is to use rpiboot which enables the CM EEprom to be visible to the PC as a USB drive. I couldn't get my Win7 system to find the drivers so I switched over to my Ubuntu 14 box and followed the clone/make commands listed on the github site in this link: GitHub - raspberrypi/usbboot: Raspberry Pi USB booting code, moved from tools repository

    Hope this helps anyone faced with similar upgrade.