How to configure Libreelec w/o keyboard and monitor

  • Hi,
    I've used the monitor and keyboard in my office to install Libreelect 8 and to activate ssh. Now, I'm at home without monitor and keyboard. I've connected the Raspi to my router via LAN and I can establish a ssh connection from my laptop.
    Now I want to connect the Raspi to my WLAN and access the web surface, if a web surface exists. How to do that?
    If I enter the Raspi's IP in the URL of firefox, it doesn't find a connection. Kodi is running on the Raspi.

    1. 367 root 1:03 /usr/lib/kodi/kodi.bin --standalone -fs --lircdev /run/lirc/lircd
  • You need to connect to port 8080

    Also, you can use connmanctl to connect to a wifi Network via ssh

  • It works, but the wifi connection is lost upon reboot. How can I store the wifi-connection permanently?

  • check the settings file under /storage/.cache/connman/<servicename>
    there should be some of the following entries...
    the servicename could be seen by using:
    connmanctl services

    Passphrase shoiud be your PASSWORD instead of asteriks

  • I've discovered that it does connect to the wifi. I can open the Kodi web interface but I can't ssh to it. It asks for my password and then it freezes.
    Do I have to change the ssh password for wifi connections?