install possible on an Asus EeePc

  • I'm at a loss as to whether there is a build that will install on an Asus EeePC (1011CX). Tried the Generic Build but it errored indicating the i686 wasn't supported. There are no details that I could find to indicate which, if any, build would be the correct one. Googling has produced no help, searching all the forums here produced no results. I'm a noob and would appreciate some direction to make use of this dump scavanged mini pc as an htpc.

  • Checking further:
    Asus specs indicate: Intel® Atom™ N2600 (Dual Core; 1.6GHz) Processor
    which has: Architecture x86-64
    - machine has Windows 7 32 bit installed (only supported product by Asus)
    - BIOS has this in the CPU configuration section: EMT64 Not Supported

    seems this is common - cripple the CPU in the BIOS .... and when there's a will, there's a way
    mod the BIOS
    think I'll keep it simple and follow this original lead (unless someone can make a recommendation that may be a better option)

    Thanks for the help - much appreciated