MCE Remote and Volume Control Issue

  • Hi all, I switched from Kodi Windows to Libreelec and so far the switch has been good except for one issue. I have a MCE Remote and when changing volume when running windows if i hold down on the volume button it would quickly move the volume how ever on libreelec when i hold down the vol button there is quite a delay before it starts changing the vol level. Is there a way to change this? Thank you for any help you can provide.

  • Same problem here on an Rpi2 and 3.
    It is not only on volume change, the delay when holding down a button is very large.

  • My wireless Rii mini remote works ok, not much delay at all but a long delay for the MCE remote on the same system. Maybe i'll switch back to windows for the mce remote box until i can get a another remote like the Rii mini.