Replacement remote control?

  • I have a 1st Gen Beelink MiniMX, the very first S905 box and my remote has started to go faulty. I know these builds use amremote so does anyone know where I can get a compatible remote thats very similar to the one that comes with the MiniMX that doesn't need a usb dongle?

    If they are hard to get will any remote that claims to be kodi compatible work with S905 boxes?

  • A programmable remote with learn function should do the trick. That's what I got when I saw how flimsy the original remotes are :rolleyes:

    Running kszaq's LibreELEC and adamg's LibreELEC 9.x 1.0.6 on Cooleme MB1 (S905X - 2GB/8GB)

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