Create Movie Library - Hurdle

  • Greeting Wizards,

    I have LibreELEC (11.0.6; Kodi 20.3) running on a Raspberry Pi 3B (v 1.2). Basic performance is excellent. Attempting to 'tweak' it by adding libraries. Does not appear to function as indicated in WIKI, or as other Kodi instances I have running.

    Enter Video > File,

    Observe listing: 'Music Video', 'Seagate' (my 1T attached portable drive), 'TV', 'Videos', '+Add Video',

    If I select '+Add Video', I see a list of potential sources, but my Seagate is not listed.

    If I select 'Seagate', I see all the appropriate files.

    Movies play just fine directly from the 'Seagate' drive, but was hoping to build a movie library.

    Any thoughts? Have I missed a crutial step?

  • You need to add the drive path as a source, then set content type and scrape the source (and hope media is structured and named correctly for scraping). I personally do that by editing /storage/.kodi/userdata/source.xml as it's easy to crib the format and miles easier using a real keyboard than o-n-e-l-e-t-t-e-r-a-t-a-t-i-m-e with the on-screen virtual one.