Watchdog reboot causes green screen on AML-S905X-CC "Le Potato"

  • I am running LibreELEC on Amlogic AML-S905X-CC "Le Potato". I have enabled the hardware watchdog, which reboots the system if, for example, the kernel panics. The problem is that after the hardware watchdog reboots the board, the screen is completely green.

    I can access with SSH and everything seems to be running properly. Restarting the KODI service does not fix the green screen. The only thing that fixes it is manually rebooting. Unfortunately this defeats the purpose of having a hardware watchdog automatically reboot the system.

    Is there any way to fix this, so the hardware watchdog cleanly reboots the system?

  • I am using an LG 22MN430M-B monitor connected with an HDMI cable. However the problem still persists when using a different monitor with a different cable.

    I am using a newly installed LibreELEC (official) 11.0.6 image with Linux 6.1.38 kernel. The only change I have made is to enable the hardware watchdog by setting RuntimeWatchdogSec in /etc/systemd/system.conf, and I enabled SSH access. To test the watchdog I run echo c> /proc/sysrq-trigger to trigger a kernel panic.