SBC for a 3D MVC platform

  • Hi.

    As it is more and more difficult to find standalone, 3D MVC media players, I started to think to put together one based on LibreElec.
    I understand the latest functional distribution in that respect is 9.2.8? Choosing 9.2.8 means 3D mvc playing all good but no 4k HDR? I initially thought about RPi 4 but perhaps there are some better (similarly prices) SBCs for that job? Besides full frame packed 3D there should be also full hdmi audio support.

    Appreciate some advise/suggestions or just discussion.

  • RPi3B+ using LE 9.2.8 will be the "best and final" recommendation. LE 10.x and newer switch to an all-new GBM/V4L2 video pipeline where 3D support simply hasn't ever quite made the priority list for development, and while the initial RPi4 hardware is supported by the initial LE 9.2.8 release, newer iterations of RPi4 hardware need firmware that only exists in newer/current LE releases. It's possible to self-build a doctored 9.2.8 image with newer firmware etc. there's no HOWTO guide for that (although not too hard if you have a tinkering mindset). Considering the limited amount of new 3D content these days and depending on what other media you need to handle; i'd keep a spare 3B+ lying around for 3D duties when you need to play something, while using an RPi4 (or something else that meets needs) as the main player board.