[Solved] Intermittently spinner in video and live tv stays visible - channel list empty after stop

  • But the current stable release is broken and the LibreELEC stable user dont get it fixed.

    I wrote:

    I have driven today over 100 km because of this issue and dont know how to fix it.

    In general such regression issues gets fixed in real quick time. Kodi 20.2 is releases in June 2023. At the moment i get a call every week when the "TV" would finally get fixed again and have to tell the people, that they have to wait for your release.

    Its completely out of rationality to have to drive now over 100 km to install a TEST-release and than when the fixed stable release is out there, i would again have to drive over 100 km to install back the stable release.

    I also wrote that i have even wait for few LibreELEC 11 point releases to get past to have a as stable as possible release to install because its that far away and that huge amount of work to manually switch versions.

    PLEASE fix this regression by a normal version release that normal stable users get automatically installed like it was always since years.