LE 11.0.1, Beelink 12th Gen N95, Multiple scraping issues

  • Good morning all,

    I've recently decided to upgrade my LibreELEC hardware devices to some Beelink 12th Gen N95-based mini-PCs. I've installed the latest LibreELEC general release on one for testing, and running into multiple problems scraping movies and TV shows.

    When scraping movies, I've attempted using the Universal Scraper and the TMDB Python scrapers, and the scrapers will randomly just stop scraping and hang. This also happens when scraping TV Shows using the Universal Scraper, the TMDB scraper, and the TVDB scrapers.

    Furthermore, when trying to scrape TV shows, occasionally the TVDB scraper will just arbitrarily not scrape certain seasons of TV shows, behaving as if there's no data for them, even though I can confirm on the TVDB web site that the data is there. The naming is all correct and consistent with seasons that it does successfully scrape.

    I'm thinking to dig out some older Intel NUCs and see if they exhibit the same issues. I don't have any past experience with these Beelink devices or 12th Gen N95 CPU-based devices, and I suspect some sort of incompatibility.

    Any suggestions would be helpful before I decide to send back these Beelink devices.


  • I decided to do a reinstall of the Beelink device that I was working with and it seems to be behaving better. Not sure if it was just something corrupted in the initial install or something else. Still working with it and will update.

  • So, after doing a full reinstall, the issue of the scraper skipping entire seasons of a show appears to be resolved. Not sure what was going on with that at all.

    I was still having issues scraping where the system would seemingly just hang, but then I just let it sit. The process apparently eventually did time out and then resume, which would result in some episodes of TV shows having no names. It was a simple matter of going back to those handful of instances and rescraping the episode to get the name to show up. Still not sure why it was hanging temporarily, maybe just a brief connectivity issue?