Wetek Hub semi-bricked, NAND wiped but now I need correct .IMG file to restore via aml_usb_burn_tool V2

  • Hi,

    during a conversion from NAND-installed LE9.2 to LE11, during the needed NAND wipe action, something went wrong and now the NAND is probably partially blank. So is the device :D

    I installed the AML driver, as well as the AML USB burn tool on my Windows machine. I can see the Wetek Hub properly connected in the tool, so drivers + USB communication is fine but none of the downloadable LE IMG files (box + normal) seem to be in the format expected by the aml USB burn tool, as they both fail check/validation at load time.

    Does anyone have a compatible (maybe factory delivered backup) img file I can burn over USB? Or have another suggestion to recover this?


  • If eMMC is wiped this image will boot from SD/USB: https://chewitt.libreelec.tv/t…-10.88.0-wetek-hub.img.gz and once LE is running and you have SSH access you can download the same image to /storage and write it to eMMC using emmctool.

    If eMMC is not wiped and vendor u-boot is still trying to do some form of recovery the following are the factory update/restore images that can be loaded from SD/USB to recover the Android OS. These are not Amlogic burning tool images (which I don't have).

    Shared with Dropbox

    Shared with Dropbox

    Shared with Dropbox

    If eMMC is not wiped but vendor u-boot cannot recover things (is broken some way) the worst case scenario is to open up the box (screws are behind the foot pads) and short pins on the emmc chip to disable it. This prevents vendor u-boot (or whatever remains of it) from interfering in boot and effectively forces SD or USB boot; so you can use the AMLGX image I linked above. It works but most users feel uncomfortable about sticking screwdrivers on memory chips to short pins and it's best done with UART access so you can see what's happening.

    In all cases, having the UART cable that WeTek shipped in the box connected so you can see what's actually happening and/or where things are failing is always a good move.

  • NB: LE does not support direct update from LE9.x to LE11. If you attempt it the update process should automatically fail but it's possible for users to override those checks. If you do that, the update *will* 100% break booting because the vendor and upstream boot processes are completely different.