Playing .ts files

  • I think this post belongs here rather than in the PVR group. Using TVHeadend (4.2) I recorded an episode of Doc Martin with stream profile of "pass". Playing it back lip sync was out and it was "stuttering" sort of freeze of a 10th of a second to give jerky movements.

    I copied the .ts file to a memory stick, plugged it into one of the TVs USB ports and playback was perfect. I've recorded 3 other programs to test (different times, different channels) with the same result.

    Recordings are being saved onto the SSD that Kodi runs from so to eliminate that I copied the .ts file onto the 6TB HDD I store my films on. Still stuttering on playback.

    I'm guessing the issue is caused by ffmpeg so I'm going to try changing the stream profile to "matroska" and see if that helps. I'll report on that later today.

  • That are longstanding problems that can be related to several problems depending at hardware, network and what phase of the moon are we in.

    The usual easy fix is to record to matroska (no reencoding, just the container format to matroska) and you are done.

  • Thank you for that - new keyboard now needed due to coffee spluttering!

    And yes switching to matroska does seem to have fixed it.

  • You probably have the same issue viewing live TV...playing with deinterlacing on your LE device should fix that..

  • Mario77

    Checked it out and yes it does "stutter" a bit on live TV. When you say "deinterlacing on your LE device" do you mean the TV or the RPi?

    I mean when watching a recordings or live tv in kodi try to change deinterlace settings from osd menu-video settings