Rock64 / RK3328 fails to trigger correct colorspace

  • Hi - does anyone know how to fix this problem?

    Rock64 on libreelec does not trigger bt2020/rec2020 colorspace when playing HDR contents on both Sony and Samsung TVs, making the colors appear dull unless I manually switch to the correct color space. My s905x/s905x3 devices on coreelec do not have this problem.

  • ok figured. using kernel 4.4 LE 9.2.6 solved the problem - i guess mainline kernel isnt good for hdr

  • It works absolutely fine on my Rock64 (with LG TV), but I do run nightlies (from

    thanks - since i have issues with both allwinner h6 and rock64 on libreelec 10, i will try the nightly build on allwinner h6 and report back. i am using rock64 as armbian instead at the moment.

    edit: eh, it still does not switch to correct color profile on libreelec (allwinner h6) - the system still detects no HDR support when both my Sony and Samsung TVs are HDR10/DV and HDR10/HDR10+ capable, respectively. Perhaps rock64 with mainline kernel has better HDR support but too much troubleshooting at the moment for me. Just to be clear, my TVs switch to their HDR mode but the color space remains the same as as SDR/709 not HDR/2020 as it should be.

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