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    It works absolutely fine on my Rock64 (with LG TV), but I do run nightlies (from

    thanks - since i have issues with both allwinner h6 and rock64 on libreelec 10, i will try the nightly build on allwinner h6 and report back. i am using rock64 as armbian instead at the moment.

    edit: eh, it still does not switch to correct color profile on libreelec (allwinner h6) - the system still detects no HDR support when both my Sony and Samsung TVs are HDR10/DV and HDR10/HDR10+ capable, respectively. Perhaps rock64 with mainline kernel has better HDR support but too much troubleshooting at the moment for me. Just to be clear, my TVs switch to their HDR mode but the color space remains the same as as SDR/709 not HDR/2020 as it should be.



    allwinner h6 running libreelec 10.0.2 still stutters without dirtyregion. even with it, it stutters time to time. this happens more often when framerate matching is involved but I am not sure as my content are generally all 24p...

    oh and I use subtitles which adds additional problems.

    the issues generally disappear if I use EGL instead of direct to plane but when I use EGL, then the box loses HDR.

    anyway, just noticed that libreelec for allwinner h6 also has this problem that I reported in rockchip forum. Rock64 / RK3328 fails to trigger correct colorspace - Rockchip - LibreELEC Forum

    looks like no one has answer to this.... so... don't people have this problem? =x

    Hi - does anyone know how to fix this problem?

    Rock64 on libreelec does not trigger bt2020/rec2020 colorspace when playing HDR contents on both Sony and Samsung TVs, making the colors appear dull unless I manually switch to the correct color space. My s905x/s905x3 devices on coreelec do not have this problem.

    noticed that rock64 does not trigger bt2020 / rec2020 even when playing hdr contents at least on sony bravia.

    Guys - just checking if this is an issue that only I am experiencing. I just confirmed that this problem occurs on Samsung TVs as well. Basically, the colors are dull because the correct colorspace is not chosen when playing HDR contents. It is not as bad as failing to HDR at all but the color is definitely dull. Any help would be appreciated.

    Allwinner H6 has crazy stuttering in default.

    Two options help - setting dirty region to 0 and using EGL instead of Direct to Plane.

    Default = crazy stuttering

    Direct to Plane + 0 = almost no but still there

    EGL + 0 = I don't perceive any stutter in pan view

    Problem with EGL, though, is that it fails to trigger HDR mode on the TV. =/

    What exact version of the Armbian image are you trying ? The official Armbian does not have the function of launching from USB media. The size of the u-boot image must not exceed 16Mb. After writing the LE image and add u-boot to SD card, you must configure the DTB used in the file (uEnv.txt).

    The Armbian image I used is Armbian_20.02.1_Rock64_buster_current_5.4.20.

    This boots fine. Using the commands, you provided, I copied u-boot image and then wrote it to the sdcard that contains your libreelec. DTB has been configured to load the rock64.dtb.

    Does not boot, unfortunately. For now, I am just using rock64 as a file server for Kodi loaded on a firestick 4k. Works fine for now.

    If you have ArmbianTV running, you can easily start LE from a USB drive. Write LE to USB, configure DTB, and connect an SD card with USB in place. Automatically start LE from USB.

    Oh, just to be clear, you mean I can etch your LE to a thumbdrive and etch armbian to an sdcard. Insert both sdcard and the thumbdrive and I can boot LE? Thanks. Also I just saw that you added support to 4K TV. I will try that too. I've been connecting Rock64 to a 4K tv.

    Edit1: So I tried the armbian in sdcard and your LE in a thumbdrive method. Rokc64 boots to armbian as before and asks for login information. It did not prompt boot options or anything. Is there a specific command or edits I should do?

    Edit2: I also tried editing u-boot based on your helpful guide. All commands seemed to have worked fine. 17MB/16MiB sized img was created. But as before, no signal to the TV. Also, no LED activity as before.

    What image do you use ? You may also need to add u-boot to your SD card for your model.

    The last image I tried was: LibreELEC-ARM-ALL.arm-9.80-devel-20200527142727-569f834-rk3328.img

    I did not know about u-boot process as I thought I only had to edit uEnv.txt. Can you guide me?

    Edit: The official 9.2, Kwiboo test build (20191231), and Armbian all work fine.