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    Allwinner H6 has crazy stuttering in default.

    Two options help - setting dirty region to 0 and using EGL instead of Direct to Plane.

    Default = crazy stuttering

    Direct to Plane + 0 = almost no but still there

    EGL + 0 = I don't perceive any stutter in pan view

    Problem with EGL, though, is that it fails to trigger HDR mode on the TV. =/

    What exact version of the Armbian image are you trying ? The official Armbian does not have the function of launching from USB media. The size of the u-boot image must not exceed 16Mb. After writing the LE image and add u-boot to SD card, you must configure the DTB used in the file (uEnv.txt).

    The Armbian image I used is Armbian_20.02.1_Rock64_buster_current_5.4.20.

    This boots fine. Using the commands, you provided, I copied u-boot image and then wrote it to the sdcard that contains your libreelec. DTB has been configured to load the rock64.dtb.

    Does not boot, unfortunately. For now, I am just using rock64 as a file server for Kodi loaded on a firestick 4k. Works fine for now.

    If you have ArmbianTV running, you can easily start LE from a USB drive. Write LE to USB, configure DTB, and connect an SD card with USB in place. Automatically start LE from USB.

    Oh, just to be clear, you mean I can etch your LE to a thumbdrive and etch armbian to an sdcard. Insert both sdcard and the thumbdrive and I can boot LE? Thanks. Also I just saw that you added support to 4K TV. I will try that too. I've been connecting Rock64 to a 4K tv.

    Edit1: So I tried the armbian in sdcard and your LE in a thumbdrive method. Rokc64 boots to armbian as before and asks for login information. It did not prompt boot options or anything. Is there a specific command or edits I should do?

    Edit2: I also tried editing u-boot based on your helpful guide. All commands seemed to have worked fine. 17MB/16MiB sized img was created. But as before, no signal to the TV. Also, no LED activity as before.

    What image do you use ? You may also need to add u-boot to your SD card for your model.

    The last image I tried was: LibreELEC-ARM-ALL.arm-9.80-devel-20200527142727-569f834-rk3328.img

    I did not know about u-boot process as I thought I only had to edit uEnv.txt. Can you guide me?

    Edit: The official 9.2, Kwiboo test build (20191231), and Armbian all work fine.