Best solution for 4K - 10bit and HDR

  • Hi. Just wanna point out i am very new to this and looking for help

    So i got an samsung 55 js8005 that is 4k and a 10-bit panel. Its not an HDR 1000 standard TV but it just lacks abit of nits in brightness.

    Ive been searching for a better solution then to put my other computer near the TV. It only has gtx 670 with hdmi 1.4 which does not support HDR.

    I am looking for

    - HDMI 2.0+ for HDR and the use of 10 bit
    - 4K Playback, mostly local storage as in Blu-ray ISO files
    - As powerful as possible, looking at s912, but bad support though.
    - LibreElec supported

    I heard about HDMI audio passthrough not working, 24hz not working etc.
    Can Kodi play ISO files and 3D/HDR?
    Is usb 2.0 fast enough for these kind of requirements?