Pulseaudio Network Receiving - using roc-streaming pulseaudio modules / using module-raop-discover

  • Hello, can the pulseaudio module "module-roc-sink-input" be build and integrated on the x86 version of LE10.x?

    PulseAudio modules — Roc Toolkit 0.1.5

    The case: using an Ubuntu laptop (with module-roc-sink remote_ip= that connects to LE pulseaudio (module-roc-sink-input)

    Another option will be through the Airplay, using module-raop-discover from my laptop (Ubuntu), but when using this approach, Kodi is just "loading" forever -- issue.

    -- and another thread/subject to be taken into consideration, an issue --

    I have another problem with LE, this time with Samba and the iOS App. Same problem described and solved here: https://apple.stackexchange.co…led-error-message-when-sa

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