How to boot LibreElec raspberry pi 4b image into qemu running inside arch linux x86_64 system

  • Hi everyone!

    This is my first post here. So greetings to everyone are in order! :)

    I know already that the Virtualization Tool "supported" by LibreElec is VMWare. :( :) So maybe this post here will not even be addressed or answered, and if so, I apologize for having taken some time from anyone of you, who's in charge of deciding if this post is appropriate for the forums.

    Still, I take my chances and ask the questions that brought me here, all the same, and hope for some complacency, understanding or any pointers.

    Thank you for any of your time.

    Well, moving on...

    I wish to boot a raw disk image that I previously "mirrored" from a living/working LibreElec stable setup (LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.2.7.img) that is sitting in an SSD. I've done this mirroring with the 'nix cp utility.

    I am looking forward to boot that raw image disk into QEMU server that will be running in Arch Linux x86_64 distro.

    At this time I can only get to the QEMU's EFI shell> prompt when I try to boot that raw disk image or to the EFI GUI interface if I type exit at the prompt to explore the possibilities/chances of pursuit... and booting LE.

    I suppose that LE system lies inside a SquashFS filesystem and that perhaps the kernel that may be responsible for loading that SquashFS is kernel.img. These files are all present at the root directory inside the top level of boot partition...

    My questions are:

    1. Would, feeding the QEMU setup, this kernel.img file, be enough to make QEMU boot the SquashFS system?

    2. Are there any other aspects to lookout for during this startup phase? By these I am referring to other mandatory parameters and files that may be needed for the boot procedure to complete. In which order?

    3. Presently I am using virt-manager to take charge of my "noobness", but I have no impediment to use the command line.

    Does this look sensible? :rolleyes: :/

    Cheers in advance!