RP4 and analogue

  • My new RP4 is running LE 10 with Matrix Kodi. The problem is, it isnt possible to change the audio output to analogue and HDMI as it with LE 9 and Kodie 18.9 was.

    In Matrix there ist only

    ALSA:vc4-hdmi1, MAI PCM vc4 hdmi-hifi-0

    ALSA:vc4-hdmi1, SYN LG TV on HDMI

    PULSE: Default, Bluetooth Audio (PULSEAUDIO)

    available, not PI: HDMI and analogue.

    Any hints?

    everything else later, everything closer never

  • Thanks for the answer, the solution works. But how can i get both outputs at the same time, like the version before?

    PI: HDMI and analogue

    everything else later, everything closer never

  • This is no longer possible by default. You could try using pulseaudio or creating an asound.conf file to do this (search the forum for more info), but I wouldn't recommend that as it isn't actually hassle-free.

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