Not able to play STRM streams in rpi4 nightly build

  • Hello,

    I just noticed that in the rpi4 version of the 10.0 nightly build, I'm unable to play back .STRM files that contain links to video streams. This was working in the 9.2.x rpi4 builds. I also noticed that in the Windows version of Kodi 19, these play back successfully. So I'm assuming that either something is missing in the rpi4 10.0 nightly build, or some setting needs to be changed in it, or both.

  • Never mind. I've got them working. When I copied the STRM files over, at first they didn't play. I don't know if this was related or not, but I later installed a RTMP add-on afterward. Then when I opened the STRM files in a text editor, I noticed that the links to the video streams within them had disappeared. I then re-copied the STRM files over after installing the RTMP add-on, and they're working now.